Monday, April 21, 2008

Godlike! And Uri ain't Human!

Guys, remember I told you guys before about "Who has the biggest brain?" in Facebook? This game is seriously IQ challenging and I strongly recommend you guys to play it.

Ok, actually, besides than asking you guys to play a very good game(I ain't lying! Can release stress also, but in the process, you might be cursing throughout the whole game), I'm trying to show off a bit also. Ngek ngek! Well, here's the score distribution of mine.

I always screwed up at numbers and puzzles

Finally after 3 days... I'm top among friends. Muahahaha! Hey, it's big achievement ok? Play already then you know what I meant.

This is the detailed ones. I'm good at analysing at sucks at memorising huh? Does that contribute to my studies too? Must be! Haha!

But you ain't seeing anything yet. Now I present to you Uri, who actually scoring 4546 points at the moment I'm posting this blog. Uri ranked world No.1!! Below is one of Uri's earlier game, scoring 4447 points.

Godlike, huh?

p/s: My marks aren't even close to World Top 200 I supposed.

1 comment:

andrew said...

actually uri's secret lies within the mouse tat he use to play this.

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