Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm Back With My Baby!

I had a dream.

A few months back, you was so far away from me. It was really really THAT far. I never had imagined that I've ever had you.


Tada! Thanks to my parents and siblings and myself, finally I've got this! Yes, really. Thanks to them and their support, only I dare to make up the decision to buy this. Inclusive of other accessories, it costs me about 3.5k. Yes, 3.5K!!! I think I'm gonna get thin soon.


The LCD screen can be taken out to have a better view either from higher place or lower ground

And now, let me present to you, pictures from Sony-A350K!!! *clap clap clap*

Owwwhhh... com'on... clap people clap..... Yep... That's right.

Childhood Memories

Usually, this pigeon stop by my window every morning. Very early. And I don't know where it went to, I waited for it the WHOLE DAY until almost 7pm only it stopped by

Learnt this technique on Saturday from a photographer, Jimmy. Looks like Sharingan or not?

Ray taught me how to play with light saber

Instead of light saber, I chose the stick-saber

I'll have a model, either a guy or a girl, to stand and block the two thingys there, and make it picture perfect. Can you imagine it?


Well, I hope I can get to take more pictures now and then. And I finally realised, how hard is it to take a good picture with a DSLR. And of course, now I understand why smashpOp limits his blog's pictures to 7 pictures per post. It's because, IT'S SO TIDEOUS TO RESIZE AND EDIT!!!

Anyway, more coming soon......

p/s: Boys and girls, interested in becoming models? Sign up ya! Haha! Ok ok.. Kidding.. but if you really wish to, and I have the time, no problem. But don't forget, am still learning. Not a pro. Yet.


dreamland said...

not bad wor...
lend me to take photo a... :p

Min Soon said...

Neat pictures man, and I don't say it often.

It's creative, on how you focus on that bottle and make everything else blur, sharingan eye, even the LIGHT SABER !!???

YOU GUYS CAN FIGHT LIGHT SABERS MAN LIKE THAT ! Very creative use of the lights ! :D

And the picture resolution is so clear, that I can perfectly see water droplets ! Perfect for bikini shots man.

With the Sony-A350K, you can finally pretend to be a professional photographer and enter any hot clubs where normal people would be lining up. You could pick up girls, and say you are a photographer for a magazine bla bla bla and take photos, maybe even get some special offers in the process...... Think of the possibilities man...

One day maybe you could take "mature" photos for magazines. It's always nice to dream. <3

buttercup said...

hahaha.. eh? I tot u also have one? no meh? lomo le?

hahahaha! nice dreaming minsoon! if they wanna check my ID then how?!

Wai Loon Kwan said...

hei, nice man to have a camera! it's a very good hobby... i see lot ppl have this hobby nowadays espeacially students... hei, take more leng luis picture la... like the 'dreamland' ah, or 'wonderland' ah...

buttercup said...

oooo!!! i didn't know tht you have conenction there!!! hahahahaa!

yeah.. i wonder the dreamland and wonderland wanna let me take their pic or not. later their bf jealous le... hahahaha!

ching said...

walau.. got ppl very pro le..

buttercup said...

haha.. where got o~ still learning le..

Cherrie said...

the sharingan effect photo very nice ler.. how to do one arr :p nice ler

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