Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Meet My Friend

Hi there, meet my loyal friend during my Wataniah training.

His name is James. James Blunt.

p/s: Exam stress.


Samuel said...

Giving name to your belongings is totally gay!! and now you are giving name to your weapon.. that is gay + SM...

omg!! LOL :D

Jun Xue said...

Just don't chop your lecturers to pieces with Mr Blunt.

buttercup said...

lol! I don't know if u get the joke or not but yeah, it's Blunt. you know, BLUNT?! hahaha!

lol u got the joke. yeah i wont'. even if i do, it wont' kill. James's too kind to kill.

Samuel said...

I know about the blunt... but then... haha.. the only thing u can do with the blunt knife is screw ur lecturer.. not chopping lo

buttercup said...

lol.. with a blunt knife, chopping is fun... patah tak patah... muahahahahah!

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