Sunday, April 20, 2008

Doing What I'm Not Supposed To Do

Yeap! Olympic is here soon enough and I'm hoping to see more action in Taekwondo event. And well, I think although it might be true, Germans swimmers shouldn't have be so negative about the swim suit. It's somehow all in-the-mind-game also.

And really, even though I've got my camera now, I didn't really have the time to use/learn it properly as exams are just around the corner. And, I've been doing things that I shouldn't be doing, like Facebook. Which is something that I don't really like, actually. I still find that Frienster is somehow more to connecting people while Facebook is more profit oriented.

However, I find out that the game in Facebook called Who's Got The Biggest Brain?(Please log in to Facebook before you click on the link) is damn nice to play. Very challenging instead.

Had Fillet-O-Fish(small) for dinner yesterday

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