Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i WAS so thin

For the first time, my title was written with lower case for each word, except for the word "was". i WAS so THIN. I was.. T_T


Samuel said...

nope... no thin at all... still so fat... haha :D

tips on getting thin.. let me pawn u more in DotA...


Jun Xue said...

Har you mean you got fatter than that or that guy beside you T__T.

Better exercise.. change that fat to muscle! hahahahah¬

buttercup said...

wah.. u so desperate to win me till u come out with this "si qiu" to trick me let u win ar? bad bad..

lol tht guy was actually my lecturer. we actually become frens now and we play dota together once in a while too!! hahaha!

Wai Loon Kwan said...

wow, how old is your lecturer... it's very nice to have this type of lecturer man... and i see you nowadays likes to use the word godlike huh.. haha.. dotA freak

buttercup said...

he's 27 this year i think. taking PhD. and tht one, godlike is the word can onli describe la. imagine, tht fellow world number 1 le!!

JX said...

Wahhhh.... serious.. looks so young... hahahaha!
Who world number 1??

MyKy said...

Wow u mean the one in pink is u ar? Wow really thin la back then..


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