Friday, October 02, 2009

@ Hong Kong & Malaysia Home Coming King

First of all, I must say a big "sorry" to all my readers. Sorry very muchie! There's 2 reasons why I did not update my blog for quite a long time:

1) My backdoor in China should be going to die off liao. I am afraid I might not even get to keep myself update with you guys in the future. T____T

2) I was very busy with Hong Kong's stuffs after I came back so until now, only I get to update a little bit.

Now back to the story. Back then in September, I went to Hong Kong to participate in Hong Kong Jewelry Exhibition September 2009 in Asia World Expo (AWE in short). This exhibition is tremendously HUGE! It is the first time I participated in event that is THAT HUGE! Over thousands of exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors visited!

1. Outside view of my hotel room back in GuangZhou

2. I went out jalan-jalan and I saw this.

3. This was captured in "Bu Xing Jie" (步行街) in Guangzhou

Back in AWE, Hong Kong.

4. We have lion dance during the opening ceremony

5. Just see how big is this place. And what you are about to see, maybe is only 1/4 of the hall. And we have more than 8 halls in this exhibition




9. These are some of our products in our booth










19. This is to show you my working place back in WuZhou, Guangxi, China.

During my stay in Hong Kong, we really have luxurious dinner, thanks to boss.


21. How many restaurants in Malaysia do this? In Hong Kong, many.


23. No matter how high class or low class the restaurant is, they always serve tea first in Hong Kong

24. Only available in Hong Kong, as I known, and maybe some other place.

25. This plate one dish costs HK$100.00, which made up to about RM 50.00


27. I like the lighting in this picture


29. Ladies, see the Hong Kong boy at the back?

30. This was what I shot when I'm coming back to Malaysia. Taken in BaiyunPort, Baiyun Airport, GuangZhou.

31. Gifts. Okay, that lady over there is Malaysian. Not China's Chinese.





36. My mood when I was waiting for my flight.

Finally I'm done with this post. I have got a mamak session to catch right after this. And right after that mamak session, I need to come back and pack for Bangkok, Thailand tomorrow!

I am expecting good weather plus lots of photoshooting. I hope.


Wai Loon Kwan said...

i'm the first to comment!!! yeah!!

wah.. your working place is very different from what imagined.... lolz

i like picture 35! very commercial like

is all the diamonds your booth displaying is real diamonds??? if it's real then the security over there ma super tight?

buttercup said...

hahha! congratulations to make it first! lol! yeah it was diff from what i expected when i first reach too. lol!

thanks for the comment over the pic and hell yeah, the security is damn tight! very very tight. we have an exhibitor tag. if don't have that tag, no admission.

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

I still prefer the pure white diamond =D

As long as you update you won't lost your reader~!

Sooner or later u will become the diamond guy ha??

gypsy-on-the-move said...

Love pic no. 17, 28 and 30...btw, now I am curious what you're working as....

buttercup said...

Tian Chad:
haha! where got diamond to become diamond guy.. T___T

thanks ShinD!! ah.. i'm now working as branch manager lo. manage staffs, QA, QC and things like that lo.

nylus said...

omg... purple star shiny thingy!! berapa ah tat one?

you're a branch manager for diamond company? o___O

i din know that...suddenly i'm being absorbed back into 'gems of life' drama..

pic 27 is nice...

buttercup said...

hahahaha... well we're not doing the real diamonds actually. we are doing synthetic stones. that purple star u seeing, perhaps only need about RM 70 ~ 80 at costs. and that's some big stones. u might not see the difference form the picture. smaller stones might just cost you a few ringgit at costs. haha. but then again, my company selling in bulk ones. haa

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