Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm A Papa Of Two!

Today, I received an email from a familiar name in my Outlook. It was from the WorldVision. I don't know how to express my excitment with words but, I too, seeing hope in these children's future.

WorldVision sent me pictures of my children and a brief details on them. I am now, a father of 2, one male, and one female. Let's move on on the introduction.

Click to enlarge to see my children

Let's start off with Magana, my female child from Thushalusaka, South Africa. She's 9 years old and currently in her first grade. Life skills is her favourite subject in school. She only have her mother, 2 brothers and a sister. Her father's status is unknown. Her mom was unemployed and it means a lot of burden to raise 4 kids.

Next, I have Davulla, my male child from Arpana, India. Davulla is 12 years old and currently studying in 8th grade. He is much more lucky compared to Magana because, he have his father and mother, both employed, together with another sister in the family. He likes Local Language most in school.

As we can see from these children's eyes, I can feel that they are trying, really hard to reach out for something. And I believe, we, can give them this something. It may not happen now, but that something could come in in 5 years, 10 years, or even 15 years! Now that I see them, I had no regret in sponsoring them as my children. If I have the ability, I would sponsor as many of them as I can! The question is, would you like to do your part too? It doesn't mean that you must sponsor a child and so, NO. Your help spreading the words will help to build a better world too!

FYI, we donors, are NOT ENCOURANGE to choose which child we would like to sponsor. That way, WorldVision will be able to ensure that every children gets equal share of help form the world. I'm a Buddhist and I believe in karma. I believe, these children, might had helped me out in my previous lifes and it's my turn, to help them back. Even if you are not Buddhist, I believe, your religion, too, encourage you to help out the others whenever you can, right?

I'm now a papa of two!

p/s: I would like to send gifts to these kids but, there are rules. First, it cannot be expensive. Secondly, it MUST only be able to fit into a A4 envelope. Besides than sending pictures, any other things I might be able to give them as gifts? Please advise!

18 comments: said...

if the world has more people like u, we r happy family! nanged u! hope to see u nang me! tq!

nang me!

buttercup said...

hahaha! thank you very much! nanged too!

Marilyn said...

so good! next time if i have own income will do the same thing too...

gypsy-on-the-move said...

Wow. That is a very good deed you're doing. Something like what I am doing (the WWF Turtle Conservation Project) but only that mine is to the animals. I hope more and more people especially the more fortunate ones can come forward and help in one way or another the less unfortunate ones. =)

loon said...

erm......... send him........ a kite? small foldable kite which can fit into an a4 anvelope... or.... teach them how to make paper airplane or origami. this is something fun and can help develope their creativity. =)

buttercup said...

yeah yah! at the moment, help to spread the words to your family members, friends and so on!

yeah yeah.. animals are precious too my dear. =) yeah, helping those misfortunate, both animals and humans!

ah!!! something that i had been waiting for. hmmm. gotta crack my head. i wonder if they even have papers... kinda expensive i think in their place.

Beverly | YukiNa said...

Glad to see your children's faces!!

Hmm... What's their definition of expensive?

I'm thinking something personalised for them is good since they'll have something that is their own's :) Maybe a simple necklace with your girl's name on and a keychain with your boy's name on :) Managa and Davulla are their surnames right?

You can also include your papers and origami instructions in as well :D

marccus said...

Kenny, You Rocks! XD

buttercup said...

ah.. haha.. they can hardly buy food, wat else they would do if they have the money? i thikn they surely want to use the money for food and so on before they buy something else.

necklace and keychain with name. that would be good but i scared ppl grab her necklace only.. and yeah perhaps i can buy some origami sets along.

haha.. i knw u also got donate de~ you're cool too!

buttercup fansi said...

buy them some stationery like note book or pen smth lo..i think nth is better than daily needs for them gua... =)

nylus said...

yea.. i'll go with notebooks and stationaries... colour pencils? crayons?

buttercup said...

buttercup fansi & nylus:
hahaaha.. yeah yeah... hmmmm.. perhaps i should try to arrange that also huh.

Esther said...

kenny, you never fail to amaze me. you voluntarily joined the wartaniah. and now this. this is a very good thing you're doing. TWO THUMBS UP!!!

is there a weight limit? what about a dictionary?

buttercup said...

wow that's one big compliment. arigato!! errr.. there's no weight limit but it is highly not recommended because from south africa or india, they will bear the costs to send those gifts to the children. of which, if too high, higher overheds, then they have less money for projet. they are trying to avoid that. i think dic is not advisible.. anything else?

Stanley said...

COngrats! My dad has sponsored kids too =D He's got 1 or 2 from Thailand.

buttercup said...

oh really? haha.. that's good. when's your turn? hehe~

Anonymous said...

good job. agreed what u did!

buttercup said...


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