Monday, September 14, 2009

What Does RM 1.67 Means To You?

Have you ever wonder, how much are you spending your money on daily basis? How much do you eat per meal? Especially those who always visit Starbucks, fast food joints, Chilis, TGIF, RM 30 and above?

Now, for a simple RM 1.67 daily, you can actually help out a community to build their environment, and give them hope in 10 - 15 years to come.

With this RM 1.67 daily (RM 50 per month), you can actually help by giving them these few things:

  1. Clean Water: Clean water and sanitation can cut child death by half. World Vision drills wells, protects water sources and installs piping system.

  2. Health Care: World Vision provides prenatal and natal care, children's vaccination and treatment, HIV/AIDS awareness and counselling sessions, and training for health workers/parents to recognise and treat illness.

  3. Food & Agriculture: World Vision provides seeds, tools and training so that the community can secure its own food supply, cutting death rate by another half.

  4. Education: Education is critical to your sponsored child's future. World Vision helps the community to build schools and train teachers.

  5. Economic Development: In poor communities, children are often pulled out of schools to help support the family. By teaching parents how to earn a stable income, children get to stay in school. World Vision does this by providing micro loans, and income generating skills training.

(Source) - To have a better picture of what I'm trying to address, please follow this link to see the Flash Demo.

Click here to know more about World Vision.

World Vision provides you with 2 different options to choose from. One is RM 50 whereby you sponsor a child, and the other one is RM 80, whereby you sponsor the child, as well as help preventing the spreading of HIV and AIDS, on different intervals (monthly, quaterly, half yearly, annually).

Today, I had finally made up my mind, and I sponsored 2 children. Payments can be done via credit cards, direct bank in, as well as Wang Pos. If you feel like you want to sponsor a child, try clicking this link. It don't even cost you a cent, just a click!

Some of us had been born with a silver spoon in the mouth while some of us, gone through the hard way just like the rest from all over the world. We had worked, we had failed, we had got up and strike again, and we are who we are now. We are in a better environment compared to them.

What does RM 1.67 means to you? A Roti Telur? 2 Roti Canais? For these children, your daily RM 1.67 means FUTURE to them. A future whereby, they can grow up as healthy as us, where they can start to explore more of the world with us! It's a future for them. For the world.

Are you ready to donate? If you don't, it's okay. Spreading the words helps too! Or, if you would like to, try becoming a volunteer in World Visions's programmes.

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