Saturday, September 05, 2009

Can Anyone Get This Prince Charming Out Of My Life?

Dear God,

I know how much I had complaint that I'm so lonely in China, this and that but, this time, please get him out of my life. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Buttercup @ China


Here's the story:

Earlier this week, this particular teenager came into my life, in China. He's name is Tang and he's 21. I have to say, he's looking not too bad if you girls are interested BUT ain't gonna take his pictures.

Let's continue. He is also into photography and I was thinking, "Thank God, finally he sent somebody to me!". I was happy that finally I get to do something with someone. But things don't go as what I thought it would be.

This Tang Jr, also happened to be the son of Tang Sr, one of my suppliers. Tang Sr tried very hard to get me to have dinner with him, drink beer and everything and you see, those are not of my favourite. The son stepped in.

Initially, I thought, "Fineeeeeee, once or twice a week is okay. Good to have somebody to play with". Wrong wrong WRONG. Every morning I go for my badminton with my other suppliers, Tang Jr followed. I leave, he leave. I go he go.

I wonder, if I jump, will he?

And not only that, OMFFFFFFFFFFG, he's even gonna bug me on my only rest day, Sundaysssss. Fuck that! Seriously. Not ONLY that, he even bugged me during my office hours. That's too much liao, rite?

I know, people like him cannot be chased away. They had to be made to leave on their own and that's MY PLAN from now on. I'm going to let him bug me, and I'll do ALOT of boring stuffs, and I'll see how long he can lasts. I just can't stand it you know, when people took my ONLY Sundays off from my entire week.

I mean, come on! I only have 52 Sundays and you want to take all of them from me, hell No! Ambik sepuluh sen dan main jauh-jauh!

I know I'm bad, but I need time on my own sometimes. I had to be mean. I had show signs to you many times Tang Jr, but you just don't get it. Don't blame me.

Get out from my life! Kthxbye.

p/s: FUCK! Just when I about to press "Publish Post", his dad called, "Can you please come to my house and help me to install the printer ar? I don't know how to install." WTF man! Cibai! It's fucking 9.23pm already and you still want me to climb up and down the stairs for what fuck!? It's not like just 2 or 3 storeys! It's freakin' 20 over storeys if I calculate altogether. On foot! No lift! FML. No, FT(heir)L. God's testing my patience. Amitabha.


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Haha let him read your blog then ;p

calvin said...

hey hey.. u said u gonna do some boring stuffs till he leave??
wat if urself tak tahan first?? do boring stuff lerr.. not easy not easy...
erm... is he gay? well..he knows u're alone there in China...
maybe he tot u need companion??
no offense.. better tink of something more efficient in halau-ing him JAUH enuf... hahaha..
good luck dude!!
in the mean time... chillll.....

duo said...

when he call u say la u gotta video call with ur gf in malaysia. say she very boh song no keep in touch with her. if this also cannot work, then watever he say or ask u. u just say no. reject watever things he or his dad ask u. say u gotta watch the flower seed to become a flower. its more interesting.haha

buttercup said...

he will have problem reading cos he ain't too english literate. simply one yes but with so many words i think he would rather suicide than reading. XD!

haha.. that's why i said, i need u here, perhaps to act like my gay partner!

hahahahaha. good idea but the problem is, no gals!

Wai Loon Kwan said...

i think you should just be honest with him...

buttercup said...

haha.. yeah got alot of that. i will when my plans fail. lol.

kingchow said...

Buttercup, becareful ur butt, he may GAY...hahahahaha!!!Good luck dude, wish u have a nice Sunday with him wo!

buttercup said...

hahha... alr had. =.=...

Michelle said...

This is funny! Wish u all the best in getting rid of him~ Just act like u r more "niang" la.. mayb it's bcos u r too "man" n u knw lotsa stuff. tat's y he tot u r very "geng"! kakaka.. Now i realised tat china man who r into photography r mostly Gay! haha.. u heard of the famous gay couple? but i think he broke up but still remain gay. XD

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