Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Are These Male Or Female?

I received a call today, asking me to attend a meeting with the local government and a few other authorities. All the FOREIGNERS must attend. Even I'm considered as foreigners. T_T

You know, in the States, Europe, and many other places we have China Town. In China, they already got their Japan Town, Korea Town and now, they are trying to do an India Town here in WuZhou.

I was having my meeting here

FYI, one of the WuZhou's main economy activity is jewelry. And many many Indians come from India and do business here and that is why, they wanted to have this India Town. Well, basically this meeting had got no concern with me from MALAYSIA but, I stayed on. Later on, only I realised that these Chinese had got some communication problems with the Indians and hence, I am becoming the translator.

I feel proud today. Hahaha! Now, here's the thing I want to let you guys see!

See these 2 pictures below.

Do you know that these statues, also got male and female? Try guessing, which is male, which is female?

Look closely again.

Here's the answer.

Did you get it right? XD


lionel0008 said...

Haha. Never noticed the detail on the lion.

buttercup said...

hahahaha! So do i! if not because of the huge statue, i'd NEVER NOTICE about it!

MyKy said...

Saw it earlier on jor lu. (does this means i'm a pervert?)

But another point is that the male cat will be holding the fireball with its right paw. In chinese history/folklore, male is often associated with the right side.

In other words;
Male are ALWAYS right


JenKin Yat said...

ahahahaha got lanjiao wtf ahahahahaha

P/S - u put my name as sexyback yat in the blogroll =_____=

buttercup said...

oo~ looks like you're always eyeing on private parts. XD!!

and actually, the male are always on the LEFT. 男左女右。OMG! that makes females are always right! XD!

LOL! cos i can't shake off the image whereby you are holding urself and let us shoot from the back in Mike's house! XD!

loon said...


if the can carve that statue so beautifully, why can they carve the dick to look better... sweat....

Esther said...

ahahha. like that also can ah.

yes kinwai, you're definitely a pervert. lol

buttercup said...

haha.. really. it was my FIRST time seeing it!

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