Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My First Concert.... To Be!

All these while, I never took the initiative to go to concert and things like that because, I don't really like big crowds. You know, really big crowds?

But this time, it is different. The concert came to me. RIGHT AT THE DOORSTEP. This concert is held in conjunction of the 6th WuZhou International Jewelery Festival 第六届梧州国际宝石节. For the first time in so many years, the organiser, the government actually fork out money and make this thing a big thing.

Now, let me share with you guys who are coming.

周华健 (Zhou Hua Jian),陈慧琳 (Chen Hui Ling),张娜拉 (Zhang NaRa),信乐团 (Xin Yue Tuan),叶世荣,韩磊,冯巩,动感水晶(the last 4 are China's artist)

See the ticket...

And OMG the PRICE! My boss and I took the VIP seating. The most expensive one. I feel that my wallet is dripping blood

p/s: I gotta fully charge my batteries this Thursday! Hopefully they don't block my wife to enter along!


Han Wei said...

so enjoy leh.. can go sit VIP sit.. my 1st concert is to stand inside a big big big crowd.. stuffy!!

buttercup said...

Han Wei:
hahahaha.... pay alot le. T____T want to cry.. haha.

ck said...

hah.. nice.. can bring DSLR in? since is VIP . XD

buttercup said...

hahaha... i don't know. hopefully can. T__T

buttercup fansi said...

wah..so good..first concenrt sit VIP...actuali me too..sumore the ticket is FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE
take k bro =)

buttercup said...

buttercup fansi:
wah lau eh who say free?!!? RMB 580 le!!!

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