Sunday, October 04, 2009

1-Day Trip To Bangkok

Got chance to update must keep on update! Just in case I can't get to update again for the next FEW MONTHS when I back to China *touch wood*

A few days back was the Mid Autumn Festival (a.k.a. Mooncake Festival, but actually, this is not too right). Did you guys eat mooncake and watch the moon? Or perhaps, light a few lanterns?

1. That's my dad and brother putting up the lanterns

2. All up!

On the 3rd October, I flew over to Bangkok. Many people asked, "Wah! So nice, you go Bangkok do what? Go Bang Cock ar?". Obviously, the answer is "NO!".

I went for prayers. Then people asked again, "How come?!". This is because, I made a wish there 8 years ago and it came true. I have no chance to say "Thank you" and finally, I got my chance. That's why. It's a day trip!

I left my house 5.30am in the morning to catch the 0825hours AirAsia flight straight to Bangkok.

3. On my way from Airport to Bangkok. Taxi fare: $270 Baht.

4. Opposite of this stack of flowers, is another stack of flowers. And people are praying. This altar is set up in the city.

5. The other stack of flowers. XD!

6. This is the Hindu style temple, situated directly next to the previous ones.

7. Standing in one of the street of Bangkok. I love the sky!

So, after the prayers, my cousin brother brought me to look around and I keep on snapping around.

8. Did you see me? If no, please go and see doctor because I'm so damn BIG!

9. Because of too many people, hence I used the mirror reflection to snap what is at the back.

10. Do you like this better or...

11. ... this better?

12. I like this one too! I think it would be better if the white colour pillar is not there to kacau

13. Lunch time!

14. Went to makan at a roadside

15. This is very nice and I can't remember that looooooooong name. It is delicious, and of course, spicy hot! Only about $ 20 ~ $30 Baht

16. Their statue of freedom. Not Statue of Liberty though.

17. The Palace!

18. Supposed to go inside but too many people and, have to pay :(

19. They have soldiers on guard all the time around the palace.

20. At Tha Chang waiting for boat to arrive

21. And another famous dish, something to do with pork but damn nice! Also about $20 ~ 30$ Baht.

That's my 1 day trip to Bangkok.


kenwooi said...

nice pictures..
the last time i went to thailand was to phuket.. in 1996..
long time ago.. =)

iriene said...

Been to Thailand in May/June 2007.
Great place, great food and great shopping too:) The food in your post are at a very good price. I don't think we can get this price in Malaysia. Tks for sharing!

Btw, do drop by when u r online :)

JenKin Yat said...

your lunch macam banyak best

buttercup said...

wah so long ago meh? but i have not been to phuket b4... i should go. XD!

hey hey! thanks for dropping by! well, in penang we can still get prawn mee for RM 2.50!

hahah.. it is superb!!! dinner also! said...

yes, thai has lots of good food. curious about your wish....haha
nanged u! Experience the fast and furious Windows 7 by nang this!

Wai Loon Kwan said...

i like no.10, it feels like you are flying in the sky... besides, it's better than leaving it blank.. ;)

Anonymous said...

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buttercup said...

hehe.. that wish is nothing big la. hahaha. and, nanged!

ah... haha.. ic ic. arigato.


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