Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fried Porridge!

Well, if you had been following my Facebook, perhaps you know that I would like to cook a fried rice this Sunday. And I did.

For ingredients, I got myself onion, carrot, long beans, and some pork. And eggs of course. OH, rice too. LOL! And, thanks to Anne for telling me that I must not cook with hot rice because it will contain water, and hence, later on will stick to the wok.

So I actually cooked the rice, then I cool it down with tap water on the outside plus putting it into the fridge to take up the water in the rice. I managed to cook the vege and meat nicely and perfectly until...

*1 minute earlier*

I took 2 eggs and I mixed together with the rice... 2 eggs were a bit too much. The whole thing become sticky and wet. Gahh!!

*Back to present*

...until I pour the rice with eggs inside, everything become... ah... I don't know what to say. You see it yourself. It looks more like fried porridge to me.

But I think this is a good start eh? I started to cook something for myself for the first time since I came to China.

Lesson learnt: Cooking for me and myself only is really not worth the trouble. So much work and so little cooked. I think I'll eat in supplier's house next time. HAHA!


littlepolaris said...

ur rice too wet?

buttercup said...

haha.. yes and no. well, it was actually not wet anymore. but i added too much egg. and it make the whole thing soaked up. aaa~~~

Jun Xue said...

hahah it's best to let it dry over night (the rice).

As for the egg, you should fry it seperately.. or ti'll make very thing sticky and wet.. .stick to the rice etc.....

buttercup said...

hahaha... drying it overnight is osmething i forgot to do ytd cos i was busy with my card tricks... until it was 1am.. then only i realised.

that's why i used the express way to cool down the rice and use the fridge to dry it further. egg is the one that made it wet.. T_T

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