Saturday, October 24, 2009

Citibank, Screw You.

*I decided to post this in red to show my anger.*

Today, I am raged. Today, I am angered. Today, I am pissed. Thanks to Citibank. Citibank have the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE in the world!

For a simple thing that I applied for, it took me tens of phone calls from China back to Malaysia, and I can't get an answer. For a simple thing that I applied, after the front line officer promised to do something but failed; followed by the manager promised things and failed, I yet to get an answer.

What the hell is this kind of service!?! How much money I had spent on phone bills just to call them? RM 300 something! And what the hell did I get in the end?

"Sir, your application is still in progress."

Bravo Citibank. Feel proud for your own service, your branches throughout the world. Feel proud of having such great team working under Citibank. Feel proud of yourself. Really.


Joshu@law said...

Wow..chill bro~ haha...

nylus said...

ey? my dad damn hate citibank also..

their fine prints on documents all got udang di sebalik batu wan...

buttercup said...

hahah... after this post chill liao. haha!

there another one! lol! i realised right after i posted saying that i hate citibank, many other haters come out too! lol! it proves tha citibank really suck bad!

Beverly | YukiNa said...

Wow... Thanks for the heads-up. Was thinking if Citibank is alright after seeing their ads and promotions *sweatdrops*.

Nightmarish, really. Are you still going to make calls back to Malaysia like that? O_O;

buttercup said...

ah.. no. no more. I am never going to deal with them anymore. Citibank is the first bank that is blacklisted in my list.

Don't go to Citibank. It really put that needle in your backside.

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