Monday, August 31, 2009

Typing Too Fast In Facebook Is Illegal?!

Seriously, I didn't know that typing too fast in Facebook had become "illegal".


kenwooi said...

wow.. never seen that before! lol.. maybe they worry its a bot posting on the wall? =P

buttercup said...

hey thanks for dropping! yeah. I bet. LOL! and i got it twice wtf! first time wei!

Stanley said...


duo said...

how fast u typed wo?swt u sure can win the typing game easily ady.

buttercup said...

hah.. interesting rite? hahaha.

haha. no boh. i lost wo. and word games lazy to play liao. hahaha. vocab not enough in brain.

loon said...

i dont think is fast typing problem alr.. i think is you post too many stuff on the wall at a time.. so the system thought is somebody spamming kua...

besides, it mentioned "that you were going too fast when posting on walls"

not, "typing too fast on walls"

did you post alot of stuff in the wall in a short amount of time or something like that?

chuck * said...

this one really funny..
really happened one?

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