Friday, August 21, 2009

A Lonely Man's Night

It was back before I went to Hong Kong, I stopped by GuangZhou with my boss to meet a friend of his. We had damn good Korean cuisine that night. Good booze. And we talked about computer stuffs.

And, this is what I'm looking for.

Samsung's Anymove. 320GB 2.5"

Well, this thing is pretty cheap. I had been to a store in WuZhou and it costs me about RMB 600 for this but when I buy from this friend of my boss, together with delivery, it costs me only RMB 405. To be exact, it's about RM 200 only. And for the record, delivery from ZhuHai to WuZhou only costs RMB 10. Which is RM 5. How are those 2 places? Just like KL to Penang. Plus minus.

Now my laptop can breathe again.

Coming back to a lonely man in WuZhou. This is what I did tonight.

p/s: It took me damn long to set up and get the angle correct because of no tripod k? The rest of the shots went longkang d.


marccus said...

hahah XD

may be midnight wil have more "friends" accompany ler? XD kaka

wont lonely ady XD

buttercup said...

wah... then too many "friends" also no good. cna't sleep. haha.

Wai Loon Kwan said...

happy till moring la then

buttercup said...


duo said...

why ur face like grumpy wan? dun look like lonely like u write as ur title haha

buttercup said...

o.O?! grumpy!?!

MyKy said...

lol the Samsung drive's made in china or not wan?

damn tak leh percaya wan MIC stuffs these days XD

Cheenapiang said...

Kenny, I can tell you're having a bit of a trouble fitting into a new country, new world. I know how it feels.

In Psychology 101 the term for this "Culture Shock", u can google it if u want, learn more about it.

Now my advice from my own experience, the best way to assimilate yourself into mainstream culture is to mingle with the locals.

Solution ? Offer super cheap rent in your apartment and find someone decent to live together with. If you're lucky who knows maybe a beautiful gentle girl might end up living together with you, WAHLAU WOULDN'T THAT BE NICE !? :D

buttercup said...

hahaha.. i forgot to check. but i think is MIHK. hha.

oh! glad that you dropped by. haha. well, i'm okay with culture shock, trained for that. haha. just that, it's bored around here!

and if i rent my a room from my apartment, and a gentle girl coming in, WAHLAU WOULDN'T THAT BE PROBLEM!?? XD!

Cheenapiang said...

AHAHAHAHAHahahahha hey no harm trying what this one time I managed to rent a room and live with 3 china girls u know !

I helped them with easy computer & technical stuff and they help cook for me ! :D

buttercup said...

ah.. u at least got something nice to share... hahaha.. and you're lucky dude. HAhaha.. I can't bear the risk! LOL!

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