Sunday, August 30, 2009

Celebrating Merdeka And Avoiding HiNi From Raging

Disclaimer: Remember to read the last part.

Reading Sam's post makes me even more want to write about this.

Looking at the progress of current Malaysia's polictic, it is really a very sad thing. To tell the truth. Any civilian can do better than that, IF they are not greedy and think for their own good only.

More than 52 years ago, our forefathers fought together and we now have what we are having. Indeed, Malaysia sometimes sucks big time, for example, our dearest friend HiNi, when he attacked the world, the rest of the people are doing their best in examining everyone while our officers, only to wake up from their sleep after at least half of the people checked out from the immigration counter and went missing. Unlike China, they had VERY TIGHT security check point, right after you reach, body temperature check in the flight, at the custom and immigration, another time. Malaysia SHOULD HAVE really hire some people who are much more hardworking and not letting Malaysia create another Malaysia Boleh by topping the mortality rate in world. But, when you have the chance to travel to another countries, let it be developed countries or upcoming countries, you'll realised that Malaysia actually sucks NOT(minus the HiNi)!

We are already considered lucky enough that our government still doing not too much wrong things (keeping my fingers crossed), and we are still under a good care in Malaysia if you compare to other places.

If you aren't stationed in overseas for a long time, you won't understand how much I missed Malaysia. The food, the culture, the people, family and friends!

Happy 52nd Birthday Malaysia

p/s: Click this link for more interactive Merdeka's activities. My advise to my people in Malaysia, try NOT TO ATTEND the celebration because, your help spreading HiNi's influence is greatly appreciated. So you can void it. Not asking you not to NOT celebrate, but, celebrating from home is still the same.

I had a bad feeling that H1N1 or Influenza A cases would rise high after 1 week. Hopefully I'm wrong.


Cheenapiang said...

You are not a true Malaysian if u scared to go out to celebrate Merdeka. But then hor I actually cure from H1N1 liow so no need scared, I am immune already hahahaa. =D

Having said that, soon I'm gonna go fly a Msian kite outside and yell MERDEKA MERDEKA MERDEKAAA along the streets and play fireworks !!


buttercup said...

hahahaha! but wow. I din know u kena. anyway, there's not only a strain of similar virus. There's Influenza A, and I believe, maybe more. Jsut be careful!

Më| §zë said...

stupid merdeka celebration..
no fireworks nothing at dataran merdeka..!!
putrajaya is kinda too far for me to go to...

buttercup said...

oh. really? Perhaps they are not that stupid after and had that little bit of thinking just like me, in THAT particular thing about Hini. hahah.

AlbertBishop said...

y am I in INDIA?

buttercup said...

Seriously? I tot you're YET to be there?

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