Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sunset and Night Shot

I went out for dinner with my supplier in WuZhou and don't know why, today I brought my camera along.

Well, no food pics because... the presentation not nice at all. Hahahahaha! But on the way, I shot a sunset, and also a night shot at the garden below my apartment, of which I NEVER realised until, today.

I like this one alot. But I could have made it better.


marccus said...

good shot! XD

buttercup said...

haha.. thanks marccus!

Min said...

OOooo..nice shot of the skyline...

For the 2nd pix..the mood is there but only a bit too dark...cant really see da fella on the right >.<

buttercup said...

Min aka Riko:
why Min?! I almost don't recognise whos' taht. hahah. yeah it's a bit dark though. I stand there and took like 6 shots, only one came out right because got too many ppl passing by.

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