Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tik Tok Tik Tok, Oh, That's Another 16 Months To Go, At Least.

Gah. It is just another day here in WuZhou. There's nothing much around the town, there's nothing much to do here.

It's just another boring day. Now, besides than computer games, anyone else can suggest anything that is interesting enough to last me like 2 years here?

Perhaps, I think I should develope some weird habits, either like House or Monk, to make my day easier to pass.


sharon yeoh said...

back packing la~ online search any nice place to travel there~

buttercup said...

i work on satudays also.. hard to back pack.

Cheenapiang said...

Dude. Don't end up like the 10 million chinese having internet addiction problems.

Forget the computer. You won't find true happiness there. Go outside. Take a couple of hours off and explore around town and mingle around, who knows what you might find ?

For example, I heard the Guilinggao jelly is a local delicacy in WuZhou. Go try go try and let me know how it taste like ! :D

Marilyn said...

perhapns can find some skills and languages to learn...really tat boring meh?

buttercup fansi said...

go find those ah pek play chess in the garden la

Wen-Dick said...

Go out play la...
Hang out..... Go find a companion la at least T_T!
Stop being internet prank T_T!

buttercup said...

hahaha... hey.. you seems to be familiar... who are you ar? haha.
and yeap i had tried that already. it's not bad. but i did not take pictures of the guilingao due to one reason, it's dark in the shop.

haha.. i trying to register for CIMA but... no reply.

buttercup fansi:
deng! I really want that also! but then amazingly, those ah pek rather sit and smoke than play chess! cham!

=.=.... trying to. hahah.

Wai Loon Kwan said...

y dowan play computer game leh??

try get a fullHD LCD TV, and a PS3 la...

i think you can get those with your one month salary... and THAT! my bro, will last you for two years...... lolz!

buttercup said...

I am playing dota and swat4 everyday. bored to death.

and i got no money to buy watever you had just mentioned. and i believe PS3 will make me even worse. hahaha.

and i don't want to last 2 years like this. T_________________T

Cheenapiang said...

Ask yourself 'wat thing only u can do in China' ?

For me leh, it's obvious. First thing I would go find a 'real' tai chi master, who looks very healthy and has lived a long long life, so keng until he can break your wrist and fight 10 people without a sweat. Liddat IP MAN ! :D

I oso wan to explore the chinese medical techniques, .ex massage pressure points, whether it really works, and anything that might prove useful."DEATH PRESSURE POINT TECHNIQUE AR DUN PLAY PLAY !!"

Then it depends lor if people there suck at engrish u could part-time and volunteer to teach ppl engrish wat. Help ppl for fun makes me happy, but that's just me lah.

Nah watch this video, perhaps your perception of Wuzhou will change.

buttercup said...

OMFG! LOL! I didn't know that WuZhou got places like that! It looks more like Shanghai to me especially when those skyscrapers come in.

it is IMPOSSIBLE for wuzhou to have such buildings or shopping complexes like that, unless i'm living in the wrong WuZhou town. but certainly, that video is very interesting but many things are being "lied to". if you notice, especially when it comes to building, they used wide angles lenses to get to their point and bla bla bla. There's one part where a car drove into the hotel driveway, i know that hotel. It's just a 2 minute bike ride from my place. Not as glamourous as u see.

And the rest of the farming, in the water, i believe that is more to Guilin instead of wuzhou.

Perhaps... it had been sometimes since you are in china huh? I just love their advertisement.

duo said...

how did the people pass their time at there then? u can travel around china to kill time during ur weekends/ lol

buttercup said...

simple. smoke. gamble. tok cock. gamble. smoke. eat.





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