Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two Days Trip To Hong Kong

Hot chicks inside!

Yeap! I went to Hong Kong last week with my boss to have some sight-seeing and jalan-jalan cari makan. I really like to tour around Hong Kong for a few reasons.

One, Hong Kong is really colourful. It's good for shooting.

Second, travelling around the whole Hong Kong is very convenient.

I think that 2 reasons are good enough. LOL! But of course, the food and beverages there can burn a big hole in your pocket. Let's move on.

1. Tour around Hong Kong with Buttercup!


3. From GuangZhou, I took a train directly to Hong Kong, of which, will pass by Lo Wu 罗湖 at the border


5. You're in Hong Kong now. Here is somewhere near New Territories(I dont' know how to spell this) 新界

6. Ikimashou~ Let's go!

7. First cab ride in Hong Kong. These drivers are equipped with GPS.


9. We need to get into a little bit of jam to cross the Cross-Harbour Tunnel to the other side of Hong Kong.


11. Being in Hong Kong for 2 days, I never see drivers who sped or ran the red light.

12. Of course, the icon of Hong Kong, the Tram

13. One of the pedestrian walkway

14. And the maids here damn lucky. They get to have an off day during Saturday or Sunday

15. Oh I met Eason! He was shopping happily

16. Hong Kong's MRT

17. First of all, I really like their MRT. VERY WELL ventilated, MRTs are very fast, and see this board, it even show you which is the next station and it will even tell you which door to use to get down!

18. Their MRT stations are very colourful

19. See it yourself



22. Hong Kong-ians, majority-ly are very good in obeying laws. Say, you can hardly find jaywalkers

23. I went to one of the most famous shopping heaven for girls, the Harbour City



26. See how small is this?

27. First time eating Haagen-Dazs. Double scoop for me and boss, HK$ 47 each.

28. Ah-Ne lost in sea of human



31. These AhBengs were performing at a street and they sing really sucks


33. Toilet signs in Harbour City

34. I had my dinner here

35. HK$ 36, I think this is worth the money

36. Playing with bokeh after meal


38. Biggest LV in Asia I think


40. Sky's getting darker

41. Hong Kong from the front view

42. And all these blur image thanks to no-tripod


44. The next day, travelled by tram


46. Another famous double decker bus in Hong Kong


48. I met Yao-Ming too

49. Tram in action

50. Took my lunch here

51. See? Hot Chicks!

52. Interior design of a roadside restaurant

53. Snapping around while waiting for orders to be served


55. Double Treat, HK$44

56. Oh, you can see this thing in many many places in Hong Kong. Sanitisers.

57. Dinner Time

58. Ngao Nam Min 牛腩面

59. Teh-Ais Hong Kong, HK$11

60. Oh, I saw this funny fellar outside McD. He's really craving for one.

61. During the night, I went to this Peak Galleria to have a view of Hong Kong from the other direction

62. See that weird sign?

63. Covered with clouds. Yes, clouds, not mist.

64. See the crowd? HK$ 20 per entry


66. Reached

67. Meet

68. View of Hong Kong's sky scrappers from the back, ie, from the Hong Kong island itself

That's all the pictures for now. For easy viewing, go here.

p/s: Going to Hong Kong again in September. Yay!


Wai Loon Kwan said...

hahahhahah i like no.28 ah-ne lost liao... hahhaha... so kesian....

and the food there not very expensive ma... the currency is divide by ten only rite??

i like reach and meet too

and the last picture is very beautiful!! might want to make it as wallpaper liao.. lolz!!


JenKin Yat said...

wtf damn 9 long right..yaaa hot chicks wtf =_____=

kiwi said...

hahahaha really ternga-nga by your hot chicks! love'em~~ are they any better than malaysia "hot chicks"?

buttercup said...

aha.a. eh your head cheap!! divide by about 2.1 le!

woooot! Hot rite?!

LOL! oh ya... these chicks really good! hahaha! Malaysia ones still need to improve a bit!

gypsy-on-the-move said...

Oh nooo...I really wish I could go to hongkong!

Templar Tan said...

KNS, tot really hot chicks to see.

buttercup said...

hahaha.. you can de. now AirAsia cheap cheap. But makan really damn expensive.

LOL! Hot rite?! ahah. eh no C & C ar? LOL! let me improve a bit ma.

Glowworm said...

i wanna go there again!!!

Samuel said...

you suck! kenny!... you really suck!!....

made me scroll down reading and looking at all those pics... anticipating hot chicks!!

but u gave me roast duck!!

kenny you suck!!

bcup ver 2.0 said bcup ver 1.0 suck!

buttercup said...

hahaha.. go la.. air tics should be cheap now.. haha.

LOL! this proves that you're wanting that chicks! LOL!

Esther said...

ahahahahah. hot chicks. wtf. how long was the train ride?

22. malaysia quite hard not to jaywalk one la. so hard to get pedestrian crossing one

62. so what the weird sign is? baby room? swings? quidditch? lol

67. urm.. feels kinda wrong. imho, the other pair of feet should be a lady's. heheh

buttercup said...

haha.. the train ride from GuangZhou into Lo Hu (the border) took about 1 hour plus. from the border go into hong kong about another hour like that.

22. hahaha. true enough lo. they still have jaywalkers but not many. cos police can summon them.

62: playground. lol!

67: LOL! then make take it as BBM lo.

I Is Novil, And You Is Tarzan. said...

haha wth.. hot chicks! i was scrolling down and down for your china phones.. i'm gonna keeeeel you for the roast chicken! haha btw you must try their famous HK egg tarts! :D

Chicken said...

HK trip... so nice.. i've been longing to go.. but no money =(

there makan very expensive one wo.. 1 wantan mee abt RM20...i heard my mom said la.. she went last time...

i like the pic #38.. so funny.. u put ur name after 'LV'..haha

#51.. hot chick?? hahaha~ I wan!

#60.. McDonald is called 麦麦送 a? so funny..

#66 and 67 very nice~

buttercup said...

hahaha.. those chicks are HOT okay? LOL! Oh, that tart. shit i forgot. T___T but never mind, am going to Hong Kong again in September. =)

haha.. the trip is nice. but tiring cos need to walk alot! I walked more than 10km just in one day!! and i'm not lying!

38# LV i open one ma. lol!
51# haa.. very nice but very expensive.

60# haha.. that's delivery la.

66&67# haha. thanks o chicken!

Picopong said...

damn.. kena tipu.. hot chicks.. cheh...

buttercup said...

Hey, thanks for dropping! LOL! Not kena tipu la.. really hot chicks ma. haha. If you not careful will burn ur tongue one!

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