Sunday, August 30, 2009

Of Badminton, And Sweat.

Yesterday, my suppliers invited me for badminton game today morning. Initially I was like "aiya.. dowan la... lazy." But in the end after they persuade and persuade, I finally gave up my only day to wake up late and woke up earlier than usual days.

The session started about 7am until 9am. Amazingly, many people did gave up their beauty sleep, and wake up EVERY SINGLE MORNING just to play badminton. Very good determination and perserverance. People who played are inclusive of the young, the adult, and of course, stunning-damn-pro old people who are still playing this kind of sport without panting. Yes, WITHOUT panting.

Now, let's talk a little bit about the rate that they charge here. Every session is 2 hours per day, and you can come AS MANY DAYS AS YOU WANT (but once a day), and it costs you only RMB 15 per month. And that's RM 7.50 or USD 2.xx. Can you imagine HOW CHEAP is that?!

Unlike in Malaysia, some of the courts even charge you up to RM 40 per 2-hour session! I bet if Wei Chun sees this, he might consider living here. XD!

And, perhaps I should start this habit, waking up every day at 6.30am. Should I?


Joshu@law said...

So cheap! Gosh~ No wonder so many peoples like to play badminton over there! Our place here is wayyyy too expensive! =.=

loon said...

eh? very expensive meh?? i dont think so kua..

when i play in melaka, every session only pays rm 3-4 ringgit only when it's divide by how many person sharing it..

one court is rm7-10 per hour... never see before rm20 per hour yet though =\

buttercup said...

You bet!

Guess you din read properly. It's RM 7.50 PER MONTH! It's like RM 0.20 per day?!

Stanley said...

Badminton is da' bomb

buttercup said...

wat bomb o.O?!

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