Sunday, June 25, 2006


Hmmm... It's sad to say that I didn't even took a picture there? Haha.. I was really tired, sitting down there enjoying the food, although it's almost tasteless, thanks to my flu. The food was luxurious. Nice. Much much better than KEC (for those who know).

The opening ceremony of the ball was creative... They use powerpoint to do it. I just don't know how to describe it here. How I wished to show it to you guys through graphics but, sorry!

They did something wrong like us at the ending part... Guess what? Disco dance while everybody was wearing so gorgeous and elegant! Well, guess who's fault is that again? DJ and the coordinator for that section. Well, never mind about that.

But, overall it's a success. They held the ball in Crowne Mutiara Hotel in the Nirwana Ball Room. A total of about 1000 people were there and it's grand! They make it really formal.. Until the last part. Haha..

Later after it finished, my roommate and I travelled back to PJ. At there... we both had an appointment, where we supposed to meet with them during the afternoon but was disrupted by something. We took some pictures around... errr... 0135? Yeah.. Around that time. Here's some of the pictures...

Me, Wei Kuan (my new roommate) and JC. JC looks like a busy man!

This one featuring Yen Yin, Me, Peak Mun and Wen Chiann! Haha!

That's all for now!!! I'm looking forward for a better ball the following years, and by then, with partner, hopefully. Haha!

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