Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blood Boiled, After Such Long Time.

Thanks to that imbecile, part of the old Buttercup came back to "live". I just don't understand how these people work. Are they the same kind so they can work together without any problems? An amount of money, which was dated in year 2004, already settled, now, he's asking for it again? WTH does that means? My society owe you money still? Bullshit...

No matter what happened, we'll not pay that amount of money. We have receipts as proofs that we had paid. So, get your ass off here and I don't want to hear anything about that amount of money anymore. Not again. I hope by tomorrow everything will be done.

YOU really made my blood boil. Just by hearing your voice itself makes me feel that!!! Can you guys out there imagine, how terrible this guy is that till my blood can boil just by hearing his voice through phone calls? Feel like stuffing those receipts into your stupid mouth!!! Arrgghh!!!!

Never mind.. I'm kinda cool now... I hope I'll have no need to show up myself to him. If I did, he's dead meat. I guarantee that. How can a company hire so many imbeciles working their arses off together? All not synchronise! BAGA! Account here not balance, there not balance. How to earn money that way? You waste all your source and money to find out those so-called-debts. How you wanna make profit? You need me to teach entrepreneurship to you? You never learn before? Or you don't know how to read a receipt? Wanna me open a class to all your staffs in your company how to read a receipt?

Damn... really stupid. Evidence is all there in front of their eyes and still they wanna bug me. I've promised my new AJK that I'll never let all these financial problems to them, and I did. I settled everything before hand over everything to them. Now that after, one year? He's back again asking for that money ( which is not the money that any of the years' committee owe them ). We owe them nothing. Totally nothing. Now he owe me my phone credits, my time, my patience, my AJKs' precious time, precious money and most important of all, I OWE him one big tight slap. If I really meet him I might wake him up with that. This agent is really the blurrest human on Earth!

Cool Kenny cool. Yeah I'm cool. Don't bother me again after tomorrow. If not, don't blame me if you lost your ticket for lunch. I mean it.

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Mins said...

Explode kenny !! Just do it !! Go super-buttercup mode !

Stupid people just don't see the point till they are yelled at.

buttercup said...

haha... yeah i was still under control.. just tht they really really really annoying..

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