Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I Started To Like Programming!!!

It's been a while since my last blog.. Was really busy and tired... Blur and confused all the time. I managed to get a few person to join the Taekwondo Club in UTAR and they love it!

Today was my presentation day. Well, I would say that I'm not doing it well enough. Not to my standard at least. Sigh.. Never mind.. There's another chance. I'm sure that I'll do well and much better in that one!

Oh ya... I'm kinda interested in programming nowadays... I feel that it is really fun... much much better than DotA, Counter-Strike and so on... Really... You guys should try it out too! So far, I'm able to identify those minor errors done by my friends but to a certain extent. I'm sure I'll be good in that too! Maybe change course? Haha.. Never! Biomedical Science still my first choice, for now at least.

Now, I'm gonna write a program after this. In fact, right now! It's an individual assignment! Gambade Buttercup!


Mins said...

There's nothing like writing a good program. It's the art of commanding the computer to do things you never thought was possible. :)

Check out this site if you're interested in learning java.

buttercup said...

haha.. too bad tht my pc cant support all those... even wanna use window studio 2005 also can't... sigh.

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