Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Perfect Lover? Am I? I Don't Know. You Judge.

Well... I was asked what was the 8 things I think a perfect lover would/must have. Here's what I think :

  • He/She must never be late for dates unless forced to. Do tell your dates that you'll be late immediately once you know you are going to. Don't give funny excuses.
  • Understanding is important. This is what keep two together for the rest of the days.
  • Caring towards each other.
  • Tolerate. Some times, guys must let girls nag, so are the girls, let guys nag a bit won't harm you.
  • Share the house chores, both guys and girls.
  • Listen to the other half's inner voice.
  • Don't let your other half lost your location. This is not what most people think. To me, just knowing where you are is good enough, you have no need to tell me what you are doing, unless I'm really keen. Knowing where you are make me feel secured and worry-free.
  • From what I've read and known, kissing is one of the most powerful tool to strengthen relationships. So, KISS MORE!
Now that I've gotta tag 8 person... Haha.. It cracked my brain... But fun. So here are the lucky "victims" :

Esther Toh, Amy Chuah, Peggy Liew, Ian Kirk, Jun Xue, Beng Sze, Tanny Ooi, Khoo May Ling.

Dear "victims", enjoy! Nyek nyek nyek...


ShinD said...

Kiss more??
makes me wonder if Kenny will do that or not. hehe!
yeay! u tagged sim mei! i forgot to tag her..

buttercup said...

haha.. of coz i gotta tag those that you haven tag... hehe...

Mins said...

Hey you missed out the 9th reason for a perfect lover.

Must be good in sex.

Sex is healthy for the mind and body, it is one of the best methods of strengthening relationships. Talking about being in unity.

buttercup said...

mins.. tx for ur suggestion.. =_="

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