Thursday, June 22, 2006

~20 Person That Came In My Mind~

Well, tagged again... I wonder what's going on this time.. hopefully there's no twenty questions!!!

Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head.Don't read the questions before you write, and tag 5 people to do the survey.

1. Shin Dhee (since you tagged me!! Haha!)
2. Khoo May Ling
3. Wai Loon
4. Horng Tat
5. Jun Xue
6. Ee Von
7. Beng Sze
8. Chin Pey
9. Li Wei
10. Pauline Lim
11. Sim Mei
12. Kin Wai
13. Jun Kit
14. Tanny Ooi
15. Peggy Liew
16. Siak Foong
17. Sook Ling
18. Chien Chong
19. Joshua
20. Chung Kiap
21.(aiya.. reach limit liao...)

1. How did you meet 14 [Tanny Ooi]?
I guess is during Taekwondo training in school?

2. What would you do if you had never met 1 [Shin Dhee] ?
I'll never be tagged by her! Haha.. Kidding.. Hmmm, I'll have one less friend!!

3. What would you do if 20 [Chung Kiap] and 9 [Li Wei] dated you?
Oh great! I'm sure it's not brokeback... So it must be a DotA date! No problem man!

4. Would 6 [ Ee Von ] and 17 [Sook Ling] make a good couple?
Hmmm.. This is gonna be fun. Hey.. Lesbians in da house! Haha.. Joking!!

5. Describe 3 [ Wai Loon ].
Blur but he got his planning in his own way! Glad to have you as my friend!

6. Do you think 8 [Chin Pey] is attractive?
Looks like God is playing with me huh... Well, she is... Most of my friends say that she's hot! Even in UTAR also got people say that.. Just imagine...

7. Tell me something about 7 [Beng Sze].
Ah Beng!! Haha.. She's kinda talented in Taekwondo... but sadly she's in Aussie now.. Hope she's doing fine there!

8. Do you know anything about 12's [Kin Wai] family?
OH... No...Paiseh...

10. What would you do if 11 [Sim Mei] confess that he/she likes you?
Man... This tagging is created to play with me ar? Well, she's just too good to be with me! I'm not qualified! Haha.. And people who line up for her is like... errrm.. Penang Bridge?

11. What language does 15 [Sim Mei] speak?
English most of the time, Hokkien at times, I believed...

12. Who is 9 [Li Wei] going out with?
His family? Haha.. GF, I don't know. He's just mysterious!

13. How old is 16 [Siak Foong] now?

14. When was the last time you talked to 13 [Jun Kit]?
Long long long long long time ago.. but got sms la. Haha. Does that counts?

15. Who is 2's [Khoo May Ling] favourite singer?
Oh well... It's *drum* ..... "I dunno singer"

16. Would you date 4 [ Horng Tat ]?
Ha? Errr... For games yes but not as in couple! (Of course la, duh!)

17. Would you date 7 [Beng Sze]?
Yes!! Take her out, close her eyes, bring her to center, make her do training non-stop!! Muahaha...*Evil*

18. Is 15 [ Peggy Liew ] single?
As per my latest update, no. Why? You interested? Too late already la! Go line up la!

19. What's 10's [ Pauline Lim ] last name?
It's clear isn't it? Full name : Pauline Lim Tsui Peng

20. Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11 [Sim Mei]?
Haha... Tough and simple at the same time... Refer to question 10!

21. What school does 3 [ Wai Loon ] go to?
He currently selling grapes...

22. Where does 6 [ Ee Von ] live?
Aiya.. Suddenly forgot the name of the place.. What is it already??? Errr... Oh ya, it's Teluk Pulai!

23. What's your favourite thing about 5? [ Jun Xue ]
Oh man... There's a lot to be mentioned here.. Damn... Ok.. I like his spirit!

Eh... I thought 20 questions but it's 23... Lebih!
Hehehehe.... Now the
lucky No.5 : Khoo May Ling
lucky No.4 : Peggy Liew
lucky No.3 : Choi Ee Von
lucky No.2 : Ian Kirk
lucky No.1 : Jun Xue

Well, people, enjoy!!!


Esther said...

oi! why never tag me??!

but nvm la, i've done this before ady. heee

buttercup said...

haha... see i know.. no la.. got a few person that i gotta tag them to make them move... hehe...

ShinD said...

haha! reading other ppl's is so fun!

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