Tuesday, June 13, 2006

He Was At The Mercy Of His God, Are You? Don't Bet On It!

I was there early as usual... Waiting for the slow crawling bus at the Jalan University. The road was busy like usual... Birds chirping around. The first ray of sun just started to show off... Out of a sudden, I saw things faster... All the things around suddenly moved in slow motion.

I saw a motorcycle, went straight into the pothole and the cyclist immediately lost control of his vehicle. I can see that he struggled to keep his bike stable but he failed. He plunged onto that rough tar road, using his hands, trying to keep his face away from the ground. Imagine that he did what stuntman does in the movies. The catch is, he was not wearing any of those protective gears. His bike and him skied for roughly a second plus, and came to a stop. The cars behind him hit the brake immediately.

Amazingly, he stood up on the spot, with some torn skins and he bled a little. He rushed to the sidewalk to assure that he was save from the other vehicles... Of course I didn't stand there doing nothing. I rushed to him at the same time, assuring that he's not badly injured. He was wearing only a thin blue uniform. He was still able to joke around after I helped him to pick up his helmet on the middle of the road and another cyclist helped to bring his bike to the roadside.

Oh, his face was still perfect! Without a scar! Well, who to be blamed? Hmmm... I don't think that he ride fast... It was only average speed. It seems that we should throw this question to our Yang Berhormat, Dato Samy Velu? I don't know. A small pothole caused this. Just imagine that there's a fully loaded bus or tractor or semi behind him. You think they can stop on the spot even with their powerful air-brake? I don't think so.

Today, he is at his God's mercy. He taught him a lesson where only the cyclist would know. He was blessed to survive this tragic with minor injuries, and WITHOUTH SEMI at the back. God bless him. God bless everyone.

Be careful on the road. Don't drink and drive. Wear your seat belts. Put on your helmet, clip it.



dreamland said...

sometimes the people wearing helmet and seatbelts not for safety just to prevent policemen 'makan duit'. hehe...
But for me,i usually wear seatbelts when i drive. that's the 1st thing we learn b4 we learn to drive!!

buttercup said...

haha... yeah yeah.. ppl out there... follow the rules ya... haha.

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