Friday, June 23, 2006

Sick... Clumsy... Lucky... Exams...

It is the fourth day already since I'm sick. Only flu will make my whole body mulfunction. Today I sat for mathematics test and I didn't do well. I almost fall asleep when I was doing the paper. Well, that's not all about it. Because of my sickness, I was forced to skipped 2 classes. One is mathematics tutorial and the other one is writing for science lecture.

I immediately got up to UTAR bus after my exam. The bus departed. I received a sms so I took out my phone to reply. The conversation went on. (It's a guy!) I went down from the bus and head to my room later. After I put down my bag, I realised something. Yes, you got it right! My phone!

I ran down there immediately to catch the bus but it already left. How can that happened?!! I don't understand. I remember looking back at my seat before leaving and there's nothing there!!! This doesn't make sense! Instead of my initial planning - resting (sleeping) in room, I went to the mail road, trying to get a cab. My luck wasn't good enough though. Not only cab but I don't even see a bus... I waited and suddenly, "Honk! Honk!" A familiar face I saw. It was the tauke of the economic rice stall that I always eat at! He gave me a lift back to university. Really thank him alot!

My luck isn't that bad after all right? I'm in his car, worrying if I am manage to get back my phone or not, or, someone has already took it? All kind of questions and plannings started to swirl around me.

I reached my destination earlier than the bus should. I waited awhile until it came. I went up to the bus immediately and start searching for it. The bus driver didn't see it either. "Oh gosh.. where can it be?", i uttered. It was not in my sight. I've already prepared for the worst. Suddenly, something caught my eye. In between the seats, there's a small opening. I looked into it. It was there!!!! Now that everything is clear to me and I also know why I did not notice that I've lost my phone when I left the bus earlier. It was all because of that small little opening in between the seats.

Thank God that I'm still manage to get my phone back! Although it's not new, Nokia 8250 is still something memorable to me. I'm also glad that He did not make the pratical joke too big. Arigatogozaimasu!

Now that I am here... Preparing for my second test, Chemistry. Inorganic. It's hard to believe that they really touch only a little bit about it compared to form six. I am attending UTAR ball tomorrow, and I am still sick. I already got a helper to my body, medicine, together with my antibody, hopefully I'll get well enough to attend it without any problem. Wish me luck ya!!!

Thank you everyone in helping me to make the "Phone Rescue" Mission a success! Special thanks to bus drive, Andy the tauke and not forgetting, Him. Thanks a million!


Minsoon said...

Wow.. leaving your phone in the bus, bus leaves, meeting a friend who would drive you ahead to get your phone back, reminds me of what happened to my bicycle.

Except it was a shopkeeper with a big fat truck. And I didn't know where the thief had gone. I guessed his route, then we chased after him. I was lucky, I saw the thief riding my bicycle happily ahead. The driver did a sudden BREAK infront of the thief, and he fell down !! Then I immediately went out of the truck to beat up the fucker, accompanied by the shopkeeper's son. But that thief ran away real fast.

At least I got my bike back. Sadly, 2 months later my big bro lost it after using it without my permission. This time I couldn't get it back. :(

It's a wonder how ppl can read so many words written so hard and not give even a decent comment, don't you agree ? Keep up the good writing kenny. And eat right already for god's sake, that's probably why you're sick.

buttercup said...

haha.. tx mins!!! i'm glad that you are one of my reader that always drop a comment and makes me feel that v are keeping in touch! oh ya.. when u coming back? jx's here! but i haven see him too. haha. busy with exams. nvm about the past, v must look into the future!!! haha... awaits ur return.. so tht v can chiet you in dota!

dreamland said... are so lucky...
i hope that i be the one...
last time lost a nokia 8310 in the cinema...

anyway..get well soon..
drink more water,rest more.
good luck for your exams..

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