Thursday, October 07, 2010

A short gathering with camera kaki from Klang

A short session in Secret Recipe Aeon Bukit Tinggi...

Met CK, Carriene and Jess! We are holding M5DII, 500D, D5000 and A350 respectively XD

1. While shooting half way... Maomao jumped out!

2. Jess & Me

3. Group shot!

4. See the smile on Carriene's face... 

5. Jess

6. CK


8. 50mm prime from Canon, Nikon and Minolta

9. Jess have something with the Minolta 50mm.. she loves it it seems. XD

10. 5000D with Green Tea Frappucino

11. Gathering of the kind.... 50mm prime lenses

It's not easy to get gathering like this too... I hope I can really make it for the one in KL in this coming CNY...


Jessyca said...

Is Minolta good?

buttercup said...

Oh yes. Minolta is love! XD

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