Sunday, October 24, 2010

From Flying Protons to Warisan Merdeka

From Flying Protons to Warisan Merdeka
Since Najib and his cabinets decided to put this mega tower into the 2011 Budget, they had decided to go against the peoples' will and hence, the downfall of their empire.

Back in the 1990s. Our 4th Prime Minister came out with "Wawasan 2020" with the vision of flying Protons and well-developed light railway transit. Year 2020 is barely about another 10 years away. And Proton has YET to solve the power windows problem. Flying Protons? Hey, great dreams you have there. You know, people often say "it's good to have dreams as motivations, BUT, keep it close to reality".

Oh, did I told you that our 4th Prime Minister, the one who came up with "Wawasan 2020" had withdrew his words? Hmmmm....

Where's the Bolehland's Spirit?
Spending RM 5 billions on one tower that is expected to be completed upon year 2020, I'm pretty sure it's a big, sweet dream. I dare not say 100%, but based on my primary instinct, I'm pretty sure that it's gonna costs more than RM 5 billions at the end of the day.

Now, my my.... What happened to the "Malaysia Boleh" spirit? Come on! By year 2020 and you're only going to make a 100-storey building? Where's your fighting spirit? At least make a 450-storey building and beat the shit out of Dubai!

100-storey building is no Bolehland's spirit!

Uprising Awareness
Too many white elephants had started to keep all Malaysians closer together 'in response' to the "1Malaysia" slogan. Recently there's a group named "1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower" Facebook page had started to circulate actively among the Malaysians.

In just a few days after the group was created, it had hit 152,248 "Likes" on the page at this hour. Massive comments were posted on the wall of the page in objection to the 100-storey tower. Comments from the 1Malaysia's people. Voices of the people.

I strongly urge you all to join this page and voice out your opinion. At the same time, share out the page to your friends and relatives and create this awareness among all. You might ask, "Why should I?"

Here's why.

Since "Wawasan 2020", we had YET to see and effective public transport system. Look at China. Wait, just let us look at Singapore. "I don't have a car, but I can reach to every single corner in Singapore". You might disagree that because Singapore is small. Let's scale down to KL itself. Can we reach out to the whole KL with Monorail? No. We need LRT as well. Why is there 2 systems? And THAT, is not complete yet. 

This is certainly logically, and economically true! What you can generate from that RM 5 billions spent? Just about that amount of economy activity you can generate. But getting a Disneyland here, we can actually continuously generating a great amount of income EVERY SINGLE YEAR

Ah, back to square one. 

I don't know what the Tamil translation below but the English words up there and the left down corner, is exactly what the People wants to say

Perhaps the late Tunku Abdul Rahman should climb out from his grave and give some knocking on our government's head.

This is one legendary poster. 

So, did you get the "why" sorted out already?

*All images above were re-directed from 1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower page.


ken said...

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Jessyca said...

I am very looking forward for next election. Hope this time people make a wise choice

buttercup said...

Hey Jessyca!

Yeap. We are all looking forward to that. Hahaha.

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