Friday, October 08, 2010

Dad's & Beng's birthday celebration

Yesterday, went out and celebrated Dad's birthday in Sakae, then we moved on to have dessert in Lucky Jelly =D

1. Dad and me in Sakae

After makan-ing with family, I marathon-ed to another one celebrating Kam's birthday in Sherpado in Centro Klang. I quite like the lighting there. Lovely. Hahaha.

2. Ah Pau

3. Ah Beng

4. Simmy

5. Mei Ching

6. See Wah

7. Ling Wei

8. Ngiam aka Tomm Kruise

9. Li-Wei

10. Love the bokehs at the back! 

11. Mei Ching



14. I like how the Tobasco sauces arranged in this way

15. I like how this hand coming in and squeeze the lemon while the chicken nuggets stay still on the plate

16. Couple of the night

17. Make a wish *wink*

18. Group Shot

19. Fillers LOL

20. The picture says it all

Once I post this, I still have about another 11 hours before I leave Klang and head towards WuZhou, again.


Chelle said...

Don't cry for Malaysia... (taking the tune for Dont cry for me argentina) XD you'll b back soon even before u realise it. Cheer up cheer up!~

buttercup said...

T_______T thanks see ya during CNY o!

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