Sunday, October 10, 2010

An open letter to AirAsia & Mr Tony Fernandes

Dear Officer/Mr Tony Fernandes,

I had been flying a few times with AirAsia and it had been a pleasure and I’m proud to be boarding on a Malaysian aircraft.  I have a few suggestions and I do hope you all take a little bit of time to take a look at it.

First and foremost, it’s a mixture of complaint and suggestion. Serving the meals. Now, we had been told online that we will be served first if we book the meal online. We were served first, IF and only if we are sitting at the front rows. If you really take a look at it, it’s already about ONE hour since the aircraft took off and we who are at row 20s are still not having things on our trays when we book online. The funny thing is, people who did not order the food online had already purchased and finished eating while those who ordered online but sit at the back, had yet to take a bite on anything at all.

I have this bad experience just last week when I flew in from Guangzhou to KL, not only the flight is delayed, the food also served very slow. I was tired and hungry due to the transits and I did not take anything before boarding the flight, thinking that I’ll be served quick enough. I was very wrong. Just to keep this in mind of yours, “a hungry man is an angry man”. Learn it by heart.

So, what do we see from here? Efficiency. There’s almost none in this case I must say. So what am I suggesting? Have the pre-booked meal separated into two carts, deliver from the front and back simultaneously. You guys will be able to “serve those who book first” like it claimed on your website. Then, fall back to front and back, replenish your supplies and then only you start selling to those who did not order their meals online. Now, there’s another problem. You guys ALREADY have a list of who booked the meals online. HOW CAN YOU STILL MISSED? I shall leave this one for you to sort it out.

Secondly, we all know that where our flights are heading to. China, India, Russia, Japan, whatever. And we know that our crew members don’t know 27 languages on their tongues, each. A lot of times, the crew members just keep on speaking in English or BM and leave the passengers in total confusion. I am suggesting, if you can have a card or something with basic conversation needs like “kindly hold on until we start selling the souvenirs”, “kindly wait until we served those who booked online first”.

It might sound really really inconvenient but hey, we are trying to do our best to serve our passengers better, right? Maybe by improving little things like this, we could have, and might have touched people hearts and they will fly more with us the next time?

How do I know what kind of questions or answers I should put on that card? Go run a survey among your crew members. They know better.

The reason why I wrote this in is because, it had happened too many times, and it’s still happening. I hope there’s a change in near future and let’s make Malaysians proud with AirAsia!

Signing off,
Kenny Yeoh
AK 80 25C, 09th October 2010.


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