Saturday, October 30, 2010

Photography Exhibition in WuZhou

Quite some days back, my boss was here. My staffs in China would like to have a taste on Bubur Cha Cha. So, my boss and I joint hand to cook and let them taste.


Yesterday night I received a call. It was from a President of a local Photography Society. He invited me to go and have a look at the opening ceremony of their photography exhibition. And so, I promised him to go.

Like usual, I am always early and the ceremony started about 28 minutes late from the told time. I am not too sure if it's their first exhibition, because from what I see, only a few pictures are really good out of the gallery. The rest basically are not-that-well-composed OR, highly PP-ed. It's quite a big disappointment to me.

Some good pictures got only 3rd or 5th prize, while the highly-lousily-PP-ed shots got first. Judges must be bias. OR, blind.

Below are a few lousy shots of mine.
4. Charlie's Angels in the olden days

5. Hey, is that my hair stucked to the hat? 

6. An old man observing one of the pictures

7. Now, this guy is one of the VIPs and he's giving a talk to many people here. I was thinking that he might be some famous photographers around.

8. Deputy Mayor of WuZhou


10. I knew I've gotta shoot this

11. Until I see this. Broad daylight and the group of people who are posing about 5 metres away from him, he shot with pop-up flash. I tell myself, "Think again." 


Well, that's all for today.

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