Saturday, October 31, 2009

WuZhou International Jewel Festival 2009

On the 30th October 2009, it was set as WuZhou International Jewel Festival. This event is so grand that, people of WuZhou itself had never seen such preparations made to cater for this event in years!!

So, I dressed neatly and nicely and handsomely, I brought along my wife and I started to snap around. This event is so important that they actually have roadblocks, ID checking and bla bla bla.

1. Roadblocks

2. And they even set up roadblock on the street

3. Just look at the crowd across the street!

4. I on duty. No I is not blur.

5. People who want to go to the shop houses near that car behind there also need a security pass.

6. One of the famous local TV host, Chien Ying

7. Kids with Red Flags

8. Reminds me of our flags

9. Getting ready for opening ceremony


11. Forgot who is this

12. I like the one in the middle. I like her eyes.


14. Some people even cried at the opening ceremony! It was soooooooooooooooooooo touching... NOT.

15. Sniper ready.


17. Feel like Reuters reporter for taking this picture



20. and this picture


22. I am confident... smile

23. and I think I'm not...






29. I felt like reporter too for this picture! Finally get a chance to shoot something like this!

30. Can you guess which one I like?

31. Of course you do.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My First Concert.... To Be!

All these while, I never took the initiative to go to concert and things like that because, I don't really like big crowds. You know, really big crowds?

But this time, it is different. The concert came to me. RIGHT AT THE DOORSTEP. This concert is held in conjunction of the 6th WuZhou International Jewelery Festival 第六届梧州国际宝石节. For the first time in so many years, the organiser, the government actually fork out money and make this thing a big thing.

Now, let me share with you guys who are coming.

周华健 (Zhou Hua Jian),陈慧琳 (Chen Hui Ling),张娜拉 (Zhang NaRa),信乐团 (Xin Yue Tuan),叶世荣,韩磊,冯巩,动感水晶(the last 4 are China's artist)

See the ticket...

And OMG the PRICE! My boss and I took the VIP seating. The most expensive one. I feel that my wallet is dripping blood

p/s: I gotta fully charge my batteries this Thursday! Hopefully they don't block my wife to enter along!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Just Want To Say...

Money can't buy family.

Citibank, Screw You.

*I decided to post this in red to show my anger.*

Today, I am raged. Today, I am angered. Today, I am pissed. Thanks to Citibank. Citibank have the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE in the world!

For a simple thing that I applied for, it took me tens of phone calls from China back to Malaysia, and I can't get an answer. For a simple thing that I applied, after the front line officer promised to do something but failed; followed by the manager promised things and failed, I yet to get an answer.

What the hell is this kind of service!?! How much money I had spent on phone bills just to call them? RM 300 something! And what the hell did I get in the end?

"Sir, your application is still in progress."

Bravo Citibank. Feel proud for your own service, your branches throughout the world. Feel proud of having such great team working under Citibank. Feel proud of yourself. Really.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

CAMWHORE! Errr.. Camgigolo?

You know, staying alone in China with Facebook and Blogspot plus YouTube blocked is a pain in the ass? Thanks to Freegate I manage to find my way back. Just that it's a bit unstable BUT, it's really the best that I found among all the proxies!

And that is why, when I went back to my country, I took my tripod along when I came back here. Camwhoring is tiring!










10. My personal fav

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fried Porridge!

Well, if you had been following my Facebook, perhaps you know that I would like to cook a fried rice this Sunday. And I did.

For ingredients, I got myself onion, carrot, long beans, and some pork. And eggs of course. OH, rice too. LOL! And, thanks to Anne for telling me that I must not cook with hot rice because it will contain water, and hence, later on will stick to the wok.

So I actually cooked the rice, then I cool it down with tap water on the outside plus putting it into the fridge to take up the water in the rice. I managed to cook the vege and meat nicely and perfectly until...

*1 minute earlier*

I took 2 eggs and I mixed together with the rice... 2 eggs were a bit too much. The whole thing become sticky and wet. Gahh!!

*Back to present*

...until I pour the rice with eggs inside, everything become... ah... I don't know what to say. You see it yourself. It looks more like fried porridge to me.

But I think this is a good start eh? I started to cook something for myself for the first time since I came to China.

Lesson learnt: Cooking for me and myself only is really not worth the trouble. So much work and so little cooked. I think I'll eat in supplier's house next time. HAHA!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Dear readers and followers. Thanks for tuning into HeavenofBrokenEnglish! Ah, I had been very very very busy since I came back from Malaysia.

Now, the main thing I want to say here today, right now is that:

You don't trust me for whatever that I asked you to do, fine. You dragged it. Now that it is verified, please WORK YOUR ASS INTO IT before everything is too late.

My orders has its points and reasons. If you don't know, ask, don't drag.

Thank you.

p/s: I can add that into my new book!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hopefully My Blog Will Not Be Abandoned For 4 Months Straight

Just another few more hours and I'm out of here again. Not knowing if Facebook and Blogspot will still work in China or not because right before I come back, things had gone pretty bad. *Sigh*

I started to understand why, people who worked outside the country, that always travelling, would really like to go back to where they belonged to.

The next time I come back would be about 4 months from now. It is not a long time. Neither too short. It is a life long experience.

I hope that I can go back a few days later but, I just can't.

Goodbye Malaysia. I'll see you again in 4 months. Keep in touch with me, okay?

p/s: I want to be boss next time. So that I can go where ever I want, whenever I want.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

1-Day Trip To Bangkok

Got chance to update must keep on update! Just in case I can't get to update again for the next FEW MONTHS when I back to China *touch wood*

A few days back was the Mid Autumn Festival (a.k.a. Mooncake Festival, but actually, this is not too right). Did you guys eat mooncake and watch the moon? Or perhaps, light a few lanterns?

1. That's my dad and brother putting up the lanterns

2. All up!

On the 3rd October, I flew over to Bangkok. Many people asked, "Wah! So nice, you go Bangkok do what? Go Bang Cock ar?". Obviously, the answer is "NO!".

I went for prayers. Then people asked again, "How come?!". This is because, I made a wish there 8 years ago and it came true. I have no chance to say "Thank you" and finally, I got my chance. That's why. It's a day trip!

I left my house 5.30am in the morning to catch the 0825hours AirAsia flight straight to Bangkok.

3. On my way from Airport to Bangkok. Taxi fare: $270 Baht.

4. Opposite of this stack of flowers, is another stack of flowers. And people are praying. This altar is set up in the city.

5. The other stack of flowers. XD!

6. This is the Hindu style temple, situated directly next to the previous ones.

7. Standing in one of the street of Bangkok. I love the sky!

So, after the prayers, my cousin brother brought me to look around and I keep on snapping around.

8. Did you see me? If no, please go and see doctor because I'm so damn BIG!

9. Because of too many people, hence I used the mirror reflection to snap what is at the back.

10. Do you like this better or...

11. ... this better?

12. I like this one too! I think it would be better if the white colour pillar is not there to kacau

13. Lunch time!

14. Went to makan at a roadside

15. This is very nice and I can't remember that looooooooong name. It is delicious, and of course, spicy hot! Only about $ 20 ~ $30 Baht

16. Their statue of freedom. Not Statue of Liberty though.

17. The Palace!

18. Supposed to go inside but too many people and, have to pay :(

19. They have soldiers on guard all the time around the palace.

20. At Tha Chang waiting for boat to arrive

21. And another famous dish, something to do with pork but damn nice! Also about $20 ~ 30$ Baht.

That's my 1 day trip to Bangkok.
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