Sunday, May 31, 2009


Had 2 days of photoshooting straight and it's very very tiring! But, I had learnt alot, and made many new friends.

Will take some time to do the editings. Stay tune. Below is a "teaser" for you guys.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

No Hubby/BF For Shopping!

Now, here's a good reason why one SHALL NOT drag her husband/boyfriend to shop if they are highly disinterest.

click to enlarge for easier reading

KIA's New Lorry

I was talking kok with Rojak Wingz last night over the MSN and we ended up in this conversation below:

Quoted from Wingz:

"Then we started toking kok and derno how suddenly toking about if he working for nike he can get USD25k per month ... this is the rest of the conver :

Buttercup : me go work for China Nike will get 25k usd also la!
Wingz : kaka ur face nike see also pukes la
Buttercup : me not spokeperson ma not manyjer
Wingz : Yala! if nike hire u means their equipment beh power la.
Buttercup : Why?
Wingz : Bcoz use ledi will bekam feijai like u kakakaka!!!
Buttercup : KAKAKAKAKAKA then i bekam the spokeperson for KIA la!
Wingz : KIA? Why KIA?
Buttercup : KIA? lol! cos KIA got sell Lorry ma.. if their lorry can carry me then that means good Lorry la!
Wingz : KAKAKAKAKA then KIA kena rebrand and change the name of their lorry ledi wor ....
Buttercup : Change to what?
Wingz : Change to TUAHpui KIA!!!
Buttercup : WTF!! LOL!! KNN nice joke!


Hahahaha! damn funny can?

p/s: Thanks Wingz. You have been great!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Today, I had to make a choice. A choice that will change my life forever.

Either I choose to change, or not to, it changes everything else.

"You had already made the choice. You are here to understand WHY you make the choice. - Oracle, Matrix Reloaded"

Monday, May 25, 2009

Dinner @ Secret Recipe

Went for dinner with Pek Wah @ Secret Recipe.





5. Pek Wah

And obviously, I still love cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Celebrated Mei Sze's 21st Bday at Little Eastern Restaurant

1. Mei Sze


3. I love this shot

Happy 21st Birthday Mei Sze!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Business Trip To Manila

Finally I have some time to post on what happened last week! As many of you knew, I went to the Republic of Philippines(RP) for business trip. Before I flew to RP, I actually flew to Kota Kinabalu (KK) first to settle some things with my boss there before leaving to RP.

1. The only picture taken of scenery in KK in a bumpy ride

Now, I went to KK for 6 hours. One hour, we went out for lunch, the other hour at customer's place, and the rest of the 4 hours, we sat at the airport to wait for the flight to RP.

So, while waiting and doing nothing, I shot something to syok sendiri and trying to kill the boredom.

2. I took the Cebu Pacific Airlines to RP



Finally, the plane was there. Moved on to the next day. We were at the event called Philippines Society for Microbiology(PSM, not PMS!) and set up our booth. As usual, our products always gained pretty huge attention, and it NEVER FAILED to make people feel impressed.

5. A customer enquiring about something

6. Microbiologists of Philippines registering their name before entering the main hall

Something that is very different of culture in RP and Malaysia is that, for example, their PSM, they actually hired entertainers like the picture below to entertain the crowd,


And, they actually had a small dance floor after the PSM finished! Unlike Malaysia's one, after finish, they'll tapao some leftover food, then head back to hotel/home straight.

Life's pretty much differ when the culture is different huh?

8. One of the sunset taken from my hotel room

9. They have one of the best sunsets I had ever seen

10. This is the lunch provided by the Hyatt Hotel to the distributors with the products I'm selling at the background

11. I can't resist myself not to take picture. Does this look delicious to you?

12. Dessert, cheesecake with mango slices on top of it, with some strawberry sauce and ice-cream

13. The last picture taken in Manila, sunset at the airport

In sight:
Now, giving you a litle bit of in sight of how Philippines is like, for those who had never been there. Day and night is very different, oh well, night, the night life, you-know-what.

The special thing in Manila is that, you see security guards EVERYWHERE. And, their security guards are totally different of those we had in Malaysia. Their security guards are fit and tough, and everyone is well equipped with, either a revolver, shotgun, or even M-16!!

Just imagine a normal 7-11 have a security guard! THAT, doesn't means that Manila is not safe. It is safer than I thought actually. Who dare to simply rob someone on the streets when security guards with weapons are all over the place? In Malaysia is different. The Mat Rempits aka robbers aka snatch thieves aka rapists are EVERYWHERE while the guards, have a fucking big belly or even worse, a 60-year-old grandfather as a security guards. You will NEVER see that in RP.

The other thing, also security related, whoever visits the shopping mall, will have to be checked at the security checkpoint
(inclusive your bags, handbags, bla bla bla) then only you're allowed to enter the premis. So is the 5-star hotel like Hyatt.

That's all for now. Hopefully the next time I go, I will be able to have time to walk around and really really, enjoy the local lifestyle.

p/s: OMG I love Philippines girls! They are really really soft-spoken, and really really nice to talk to. Ahhh~

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Flash Workshop With Keeper Of The Light

One the 10th of May, a few Alphanatics gathered. Their purpose was, to learn something nice from the Grandmaster Templar. They travelled far far into the land of light, and found the Keeper of Light --- Grandmaster Templar.

And hence, the learning began!

2. Lisan the model

4. People in action

5. Templar demo "hair light" to us





10. See the hair and the hair-light?




14: This kind of picture you will mostly see it in the makeup or skin cleaning advertisement. If I'm not mistaken, it's called the "2 shells clamp"









Starting from now, below are the pictures I like most that day.






Special thanks to Wingz who organised this, and to MikeStrok, who generously "sponsored" his house for us to shoot.

p/s: Pity Grandmaster Templar that day only shoot a few pics.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hellooooooooo~ Manila! And KK!

Yoyo people! Finally I have a little bit of time to update a little.

I had just finished my work. Yes, at this hour. And I had my bath. I had my Big Apple. I finished packing my luggage, and I'm ready for Manila! Oh ya! And KK!

So, I will be away until Saturday only come back. Please miss me more. I know, I miss you too! XD!!

Below is just one of the "teaser" for you guys.

And there's another one more indoor photoshooting coming up! I have no time to touch that, yet. Stay tune!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Tight Schedule

A lil' bit of update.

This coming Saturday night got a wedding dinner photoshoot, and followed by a flashy session with a few sifus from Alphanatics. Hopefully I get to find the place to go these places without getting lost!

Next up is next Wednesday, I'll be flying over to Kota Kinabalu FOR THE FIRST TIME, and then, from there I fly to Manila (the Philipines) FOR THE FIRST TIME TOO! Of course, these are work related. There's no swine flu there, rite?

If everything goes well, I might have a chance to do another cosplay photoshooting in 5 hours' time right after I touch down. IF, I have the time and strength. I might have another shooting again in the end of May.

So, you see, fully booked again. Haha! Let's do it!

p/s: 4 photoshooting sessions and work. OMG!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Gathering @ Pizza Hut

Went to Pizza Hut yesterday for a small gathering and celebrated Sim Mei, Mei Ching and May Lynn's birthday.


2. Camwhore successful!

3. Charlie's Angels

4. Although this picture is overexposed, but I like it. I'm so THIN!

5. "Now people!"

Majority of the pictures were taken by Li Wei. See more here.
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