Saturday, September 06, 2008

I Took Picture Using DSLR For The First Time

Referring back to my photoshoot with models in Botanic, I had asked a few of my friends, and of course, as well as readers' opinions.

I was satisfied. I was happy. Until I was told that my shots actually can be taken by any of the Ah Kow and Ah Meow outside. I was down. I was confused. I... don't know what happened.

Until today.

I read a blog by Frogfree. Put all those comments together. Finally, I found out what's wrong.

This one is taken at 60mm focal length, F13, ISO-1600 and 1/160sec, under "Programmeable" function

This one taken at a focal length of 70mm, F5.6, ISO-200, exposure time of 1/200sec, using "Manual" function

So, you might say, "Okay, so what's the problem?". Now, the problem is, all these while, I depend too much on the "P" function, just like what you have in your normal compact digital camera. See the 2 pictures above. After I changed the aperture(F-stop) in the second picture, it looks better. Compare the branch in both the pictures. Blurer branch gives better focus on the subject.

That "P" killed many many many many many many many many many many many many many of my shots. And today only I realised that, I was once told, "You should master your "M" to be a good photographer". And again, it all make sense now.

This one is taken using the "Potrait" function, 70mm, F5.6, ISO 200, 1/125sec

Again, what's the problem? Did you noticed that the Potrait function and Manual funtion, it is adjusted to F5.6 (it's called a F-stop)? The lower the number, the better the depth of field. Let's move on to the other 2 I took using "Manual" function.

Forget about the structuring, just see the picture. HAhahahaha!

I like this most now

So ladies and gentlemen, I officially annouce that, I'm learning how to take picture FOR THE FIRST TIME. Credits to Hao Wei, Wen, Cindy , Frongfree and a few others who helped me in order to make me realise this. Thanks a million!


Jun Xue said...

Wahahhah! Don't worry, it's never too late to learn. Besides, you got a technical team to help you. muahhahaha!

buttercup said...

haaha! yeah i have A TEAM! LOL! I hope after today my passion is ever stronger!


Wai Loon Kwan said...

that was what i'm asking you about the other day in botanic... i said why cant your camera take a blurred backgroud picture and you said because it needs a super expensive lens... then i feel very weird and kept quiet... sweat"

btw, who is that av girl?? i think we know her wan la...

buttercup said...

LOL! Ok, partly my mistake but yes, those lense with lesser smaller F-stop will be much more expensive and greater pic too! hahaha.

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