Saturday, September 13, 2008

Of Ah Mad, Ah Ter, Ah Tan & Ah Put

One day, there are these few person having discussion. Many many types of discussion. All include la those uglyculture(Did I spelt this wrong?) la, things la, people la, etc etc...

So, one day, Ah Mad said something darn wrong. So Ah Mad's company, United Mans No Orgasms only gave him 3 years of holiday for the mistake.

Today see see, wahlao eh! KNNCCB! Mou la la so damn blardy many people got invited to drink coffee at International Starbucks Association. Niamah eh Chao CB!

Ah Mad sure think like this:"Ma de! How come they dun invite me de? Really fucker lo! Ha. Ha."

Ah Ter, Ah Tan and Ah Put said to him: "Your company no good la. Give you 3 years holiday... But we think you will still get paid rite even if you're not working? See we now so hardworking only get to drink coffee, you go la tfk somewhere. Dun disturb us drink coffee la!"

Ah Mad say:"True also ho? No work but get paid, while you all work so hard, only get to drink coffee at International Starbucks Association. Really kerlian le~"


Above conversations are solely creative ideas of story making. Do not use them as reference except for that few you-know-what-to-read-in-between-the-lines.

Ah Mad says again:"MalaysiaBaNgkok, always the smarter choice for holiday."


MyKy said...

Kebabian Terbilang
Tahun Meliwat Malaysia 2008

Undilah Babi Negara

buttercup said...

Haha! Not many ppl dare to do that. Just don't till the stage that you got Starbucks for free..

good luck for your test !

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