Friday, March 30, 2007


You know what? Today I met the Department of Student Affairs officer. He came and asked me : "Did you post that picture? "

"Yeah, I did... "

He smile and left... WTH??? Am I doing something wrong? Haha!

Oh well, I didn't mention that it was UTAR didn't I? Did I? NO!

Haha! What a day.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's ButTeRcUp Not Kenny Yeoh!!!!

Hmmmm, I've done it, again! Out of 4 I posted, I got 2 printed. Well, never mind. But, this time, somebody has made a great mistake!

My pen name is ButTeRcUp not Kenny Yeoh!!!!!!! That Editor took my name from my email address.... K NNCCB... Should have given him the email with only "buttercup" in it. Darn!

Anyway, click on me to see the picture. Yeah, it's not very nice this time, but I'll trying taking better pictures, maybe some accidents pictures ( which the editor like and I don't ).

Till then...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's Not My Fault, It's What You've Choosen

You know what? I've never understand the power of complaint letter, until today.

*Flashback - - - 3 weeks ago*

ButTeRcUp took a suggestion form from the ICTC Department, wrote in there : There are a few computers are not working in the lab and I think ICTC need to do more maintainance in order to accomodate the number of students here in Faculty of Engineering and Science (FES).

There was no news since then.

*Few Days Ago*

"Aiyo! This pc is always not working! What the ICTC people do lar?", said my lecturer.

It was actually since around week one, the PC has already got problem. Complaints were made by my lecturer but nothing seems to be happening. So, ButTeRcUp took a "Student Feedback Form" and filled it up yesterday and handed it in yesterday.


The phone rang when I was taking a nap, around 1935. Someone "big" called up and he's from PJ. It seems that it's really involving alot of people, this time. And I think 2 persons are going to get their asses kick by this guy here. Do you know why? Because I handed in the suggestion form to them few weeks ago.

Hmmmm, these people are in deep shit now and I'm sure of it.

For the first time, I see the power of complaint letter, working so effectively.

And, it's not my fault! You guys didn't do what you should and chances I've given. Don't take students for granted! They pay for your meals!

Monday, March 26, 2007

You Are Joking, Aren't You?

A series of negative photos. ZzzZzzzZ.... This is what happened when the interval waiting for specimen to work, in the lab.

I hurt myself today... Accidentally cut myself at the chair


How the hell on this earth can this happen? Well, I just have one thing to say. This newspaper sucks bad! Unless I saw the wrong thing lar...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Step Closer...

How am I going to get close to my locker?!!

This is the first time I fully utilise my locker

This is my favourite this time, was waiting for bus in University Station

Yesterday, a few friends and I went back to PJ campus to give some briefing to Foundation final semester students about FES and how is the life here. Before we started, there was this lady, Ms Kong(kinda hot), was giving her speech. In her speech, you can hear bra, condoms, viagra, etc etc. Hmmm.... She's someone and we all really did enjoyed her speech very much. And thanks to her, the four of us look like a real noob in public speaking.

This is Ms Kong. Sorry guys, this is the clearest I can go

Took these today when I was in class... Too bored and felt sleepy

Oh well, I've finally get to contach the President of Wartaniah and he told me that all of us passed the first medical checkup. We are now waiting orders from TDRM to tell us when to go for the second test. I'm a step closer now.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Create your own Friend Test here

So, how well do you know me?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Help Needed!

Finally, first time using Photoshop to edit photos. Seriously, I find it hard to use. Probably lack of :
  1. Experience
  2. No people teach me
  3. I'm Photoshop Dumb Dumb
So, anyone got any better suggestions and also, how to put picture files into gif, as in, animated GIF... Help!

Oh ya! Went to Setapak Indah yesterday. This flat/apartment is really bright! I've never seen something like this in my life. Haha!

And this, was during our dinner there. These two housemates of mine were too into the TVB Drama...

Sunday, March 18, 2007




食神啊食神!这么多年以来,我很多谢你一路的关照!现在,可以不要再关照我了吗? 谢谢!"

In cooperation with littleboy and ButTeRcUp.

All rights reserved©.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Have A Little Faith....

It has been some time since my last "counseling" for people. In the process, I not only found back the little confidence that I've lost a little while ago, but I also managed to savour the joy when see the couples, especially, go back on together.

Just yesterday and today, the same person, I told her these:

"We never want what we get, we never get what we want. We never have what we like, we never like what we have. Still we love, still we live. This is life. Just have a little faith in him... I know he'll call or sms you soon."

And that guy really did. They are back together again. How nice!

I remember telling her this, too: "Do not let go the "thing*" that you both have while the rest of the people like me, has no chance to even know what that "thing" is like."

I am happy that, couples will stay together till the end of their lives. It is not easy to stay in relationship and I know, it is harder when both of the couple know each other too well. They just need some space in between...

Although I have no experience in this, but I would advise you people out there :
Give your partner some privacy, at times too. They still need some privacy no matter how close you both are. Have a little faith in each other.


みなさん、がんばで!Love is never easy!

*thing = L.O.V.E.

Hey... Dedicated to you ya.. If you are reading this.. Haha.... Have a little faith wo,

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Really Frustrated

:: Frustrated ButTeRcUp ::

Hey, Friendster is closing soon, Mr Allen Smith is this and that. What's wrong with all these?

Hey people, do you think that if Friendster is closing, will they need us all to forward message by message? Or they can just SEND AN EMAIL TO ALL OF US JUST BY ONE CLICK AT THEIR FINGER TIPS?

Sometimes, I do think that we should consider what kind of contents they are in the forwarded messages, and are them real or not. If it isn't, it is actually trying to create a havoc among people. Just imagine if I wrote bulletin with the title :"Malaysia Is Having War With Indonesia Tomorrow Noon! Faster Forward this to everyone is your list!!"

Just wondering, how many of you will forward this. Just by looking itself, we know that by judging on Malaysia's policy, it is almost impossible for us to have war with ANY OF THE COUNTRIES.

Same thing goes to Friendster, how can such big organisation will fall apart while they are having MILLIONS OF USERS, and MILLIONS OF ADVERTISERS, trying to find an advertisement slot in Friendster???

In addition to that: If you don't forward this bulletin/email in 5 minutes, you'll die/your parents will die/ your father your mother your sister your brother your FUCKING ENTIRE FAMILY WILL DIE. How can this be possible? If it is really true. what is the use of Death Note? What is the use of Death God? Why don't you become one? Just simply forward a message to people and let them die! Does all these make any sense to you now?

OK!Maybe you say there are nice contents in it. I do read before some bulletin/emails that have nice contents but at the ending of the message, again, they THREATEN YOU. YES YOU!!! Kindly just remove those stupid lines and then only you forward to other people.

I'm sorry if I offended anyone of you out there but I hope, next time, before you forward a message or chain mail or chain letter, please do consider a little bit. Our Network is being jammed by all these junk and prank.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Too Fun To Be Bored!!!

Today I went out together with Rachel and AnneLiese to Jusco to grab some groceries. The girls wanted to buy something so they left me alone, with all the groceries and so, I walked around, round and round.

And then, ButTeRcUp got bored.

"Hi there, do you know that type of shoes with flat bottom one? Whereby Taekwondo people or martial arts people always wear one? Do you have it here?" asked ButTeRcUp(when he ACTUALLY knew that those shoes are no longer in mass production, hard to get these days) as he walked into a Adidas shop.

"I'll find you. A moment please." And so the promoter run up and down, taking a few samples to him.

"Hmmm, I think the shoes that I wanted to find is not here. Thank you for your time." and he left the store, leaving the promoter alone.

"Can I know how many square feets is this unit?"

"1000 sir."

"What about that one, type C, with four rooms one?"

"It's 1378 sq.ft. sir."

The conversation went on. That guy gave ButTeRcUp some pamphlets and then ButTeRcUp decided to leave.

"Sir, if you are free, feel free to visit our show house at XXXXXXX. Thank you and please come again!"

He actually believed that I'm really interested and going to buy one. He's just too cute! Or is it that I'm too old???

It's fun fooling people some times, isn't it?

This suite looks cool!!! Might get one of this next time


Today, I sat for Structural Biochemistry paper. I got the paper, before I opened it, I smiled and relieved myself.

****Paper opened****

The smile has disappeared. It changed into a confusing, errrr... dumb dumb, sitting right in front of the paper. It was for more than 20 minutes, for the one and a half hour paper, ButTeRcUp sat there, totally blank, not knowing what to write. Meanwhile, there was this monkey, writing non-stop.

For the freaking 20 minutes, ButTeRcUp kept his eyes on her pen. IT'S HER PEN! NOT HER ANSWER! I SWEAR! She just kept on writing and writing.

Finally, ButTeRcUp made up his mind and decided to shoot-it-all(did I tell you that it was a structural and essay questions?). Well, just hope that he is at his God's mercy. Bless him.

p/s: I like the last picture best!!! =)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Opps He Did It Again....

After lab, like usual, ButTeRcUp washed his hands at the basin.

*Someone's walking closer*


Opps, he did it again... Yeah, I got a pat in my backside, again.
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