Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Missing Pieces

Yo peeps! Finally SOME of the pictures are up! However, all these are not in chronological order. I just don't have the time for it. I hope someday in the future, someone will write a programme that will arrange pictures accordingly to dates!!! Hope you guys out there enjoy these ya!

This is on our Passing Out


Presenting TTS to the VVIPs. I'm breaking 2 tiles with elbow while the other guy, with his head! He has got no any martial arts training. Mind you.

This is TTS Bersenjata. We are using M-16 for this performance and this performance is really really really really wonderful!

We are having TTS at night. Normally it range from 2300 to 0100 or 0200 hours.

This is one of the waterfall that we went to. The view there is nice!

This is what we called "Stand To" whereby we stay in that position for half an hour, twice a day, from 0630 to 0700 and 1830 to 1900.

The weather looks just nice from here isn't it? Go there and see. We were all suffered at that place. Not enough/No water, no rest. All we got is one hot blardy sun and TTS.

We sleep everywhere. Practically, anywhere.

Not forgetting, any style.

This is one of the night hell before into the jungle. We had a 8km fast walk whereby a lot of them fell and some gave up due to physical condition. See that our uniforms are wet? It's not because of raining nor water. It's because of our own sweat.

One of our early TTS training in base. This one was still not too bad. Never learn martial art before? Never mind, very "easy" one!!!

During our "Medan Sasar" --- Shooting day. We fired live rounds and these few pictures show that we were being punished because some of them line up too slow.

As you cacn see, this is one of our punishment, side roll.

Spinning and sprint

Kelambu dance. Another punishment because some stubborn people just don't hang their kelambu on.

Kawad Bersenjata

Nice view from top of the mountain. A 9-hour jungle trekking.

This is the day when I shivered non-stop for hours. Everybody shivered. This rain is much heavier than it seems to be.

This is the "Force Party" that I've mentioned. After coming back from 2nd jungle, that night, by 2000 hours we started our "party" till 5 in the morning. No kidding!

One of the introductary lessons to M-16, assembling weapons and dissemble.

We were forced to dance. Forced to sing. And no sleep. However, we learnt something in there. Curi masa. As long as you don't let the coaches see you, JUST DO IT ---> SLEEP!

This is the flare we used in ambush assaults. This flare is no pray-pray. Really damn bright and it can really brighten up the whole area.

Well, I still haven got all of them. I tried to upload some videos into YouTube but it doesn't seems to be uploading at all! Hopefully in time to come, I still have time to upload those pictures that I'm about to get and by that time, a chronological one. Hopefully.

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