Monday, September 20, 2010

Hong Kong, Again! LOL.

Yeap, for the past one week, I was in Hong Kong for exhibition, aka, WORK. I was in a great dilemma of brining my camera there or not but in the end, I decided to bring my Sony A350 mounted with my 50mm F1.7 Minolta prime lense and a 4GB memory card.

I did not regret much about this decision.

Even though I don't have the leisure to do the shooting, but I shoot whenever I have the time/chance. Let's begin my journey with my first fried rice back in Guangzhou while waiting for train.

1. This simple NORMAL fried rice costs me RMB 30.

2. Then I had dinner in Tai Ka Lok in Hong Kong. Yummy!

3. Oh, I just knew that Hong Kong got ISA too... Hmmm.... 

4. ASHLEY!!! lol.

5. Oh, if you read, no mean for racism. It's just THAT WORD is funny. Not rejecting gays too. 

6. Food Republic revisited

7. The 

8. In Hong Kong, coffee is a NEED for kickstart for me, everyday. 

9. Boss

10. Lady Boss

11. Luke

12. They just like to photoshoot =D 

13. Oh, who did I meet?

14. Ean! 

15. I actually took some time go down to Pao Ma Dei and find Master and Madam. =D So happy for the Nasi Lemak treat!! Thanks Madam! 

16. Jeannie

17. Jeannie and Madam. Then I realised, I actually forgot to take picture of Sir and his 3rd kid T_________T 

18.  For you jakuns, this is human-jam in Hong Kong.

19. And of course, this is Hong Kong's traffic jam.

20. This is one of my favourite shot. 

21. Oh, this wantan mee, the wantan as big as ping pong ball! And got 4 inside! Plus one more fish ball! Only HKD$ 15!!! Damn cheap for Hong Kong!

22. Then it's my turn to be jakun.. it is my first time sitting in Starbucks. The lighting at the counter is just wonderful. 

23. You can't blame a photog to be passionate about lighting, aren't you? 

24. And I just love the design! 

25. Last day, guess what? Caught boss playing Resort World on Facebook. LOL. 

Well, this trip to Hong Kong I must say it's more easy and lighter than 2009. I accept Hong Kong better this time. =D


F5- Ah Fang said...

me like ur pics :)

buttercup said...

Thanks Ah Fang! Arigatou~~

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