Sunday, September 05, 2010

Face Off during Mid-Autumn Festival

Well, Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon and so, I need to buy something for my supplier.

1. RMB 188.00. Oh yeah, China's mooncake is NOT NICE. 

2. I tried their "cold skin mooncake", tooooo sweet. RMB 11.80. 

After that, I went home and shoot something that I have got the idea since the past Wednesday, but something I'm lacking skills in.

3. Face Off

p/s: Yeah I know. VERY BAD photochop skill. I just don't know how to use the smudge too. Or I should say, all of it. TT_____________TT


Joseph Lim said...

pretty creepy on the face off thing. hehe. nice idea none the less.

buttercup said...

Hey Joseph,

Thanks for dropping by. hahaha.. and thanks for the comment too!

emms said...

nice mooncake

buttercup said...

hi there Emms, thanks for dropping by. haha. these looks nice only. but doesn't taste good.

Michelle said...

haahaha! The mooncake looks nice but i knw... china's food doesnt taste nice at all. XD Ur face off.. Oh Gosh! It's creepy but kind of funny i think.. =P so, it means... u FAILED! wakakaka~~

buttercup said...

LOL.... it doesn't taste nice at all... creepy but funny ar how can? T______________T

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