Sunday, June 20, 2010

Taekwondo is still burning strong in me

I think I have two passions. Two passions that are different from the surface but deep inside both, there are similarities.

Today, I am going to combine both of these passions and made it one. Let's talk less and present to you, Taekwondo and photography. *HAHA*

1. I like to shoot with this kind of lightings

2. As  you can see, the space is very limited. I can't crop of the left part or else it'll kill the feeling.

3. Back Fist

4. Spear

5. Tiger Stance

6. Chop. Yeah I know it doesn't look like it. LOL.

7. Back First from another angle.

8. This chop better or the previous one in (6)?

9. Now, this is my favourite shot of the night. Even though it's not a good kick. Not a good angle, but I like how the light landed on my feet, uniform and my face. This is the only shot out of 88 shots that satisfy me.

10. Jumping too low, not enough time to raise my other leg. Space is the problem.

11. Turning kick. If I did my warm up, I think I can kick higher than this.

12. Trying to do a high side kick but failed. I can't remember if it's me moving too fast or too slow that my leg haven't stretch/retract, OR, I really need to start training again. LOL.

13. Oh, I'm on my daily routine to do push ups since I didn't do much exercise here in China. I did 30 push ups one shot, daily. In this position....... not. LOL.

These similarities are: Courtesy, Integrity, Perserverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit. (Also, Tenants of Taekwondo)

Behind the scene thoughts:
It really had been 3 years since I put up this uniform and really train in it. It was an important part of my life. Through a fight, once understand himself better. Throughout my Taekwondo journey, I had learnt a lot of things. Many things that we don't learn from textbooks.

I really hope that I will have the chance to start my training back again. I love martial arts.

p/s: I really don't quite like self-potrait because, I have problem getting the focusing right, and angle also a big problem since I need to mount my flash gun and camera on my tripods. =(


kenwooi said...

so cool.. haha.. i used to take taekwondo when i was in primary school.. but stopped after that in secondary school.. =)

H@n W31 said...

Through a fight, once understand himself better.

like this vry much.. now in the mood of finding business with others.. LOL

hitomi said...

whoa, OMG, good move!!

buttercup said...

LOL... faster continue. still got chance... before your bones too stiff. lol.

Han Wei:
lol... u finding what business o? I tot u supposed to work first?

Arigatou ne~

Esther said...

i dont see any diff in 6 and 8 also. lol. eh, 7 you got typo izzit? wah your face in 4. so ganas!

buttercup said...

6 n 8 i actually terupload the same pic. but i lazy change d LOL.

7 opps. yeap. LOL. and 4, that's the face to scare your enemy in Taekwondo!

Come October me back. sparring with me!

buttercup fansi said...

hey dude! i love ur tummy!!! round and big!!! hahahahh!! XD

buttercup said...

B-cup Fansi:
deng! want like this meh? LOL... wait i make it 6 pack balik! lol!

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