Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Something that couldn't be solved in the past, and now. I wonder if it can be solved in the future.

Just a glance at the water level now in my place. I am actually amazed by how the Emperor in the past actually handle these problems when we, with modern technology can't even solve this.

These are the pictures I took back in April.

1. Take a good look at the grass.

2. And also the water level marker near the top left corner. People gathered down there and have fun talking, fishing and so on.

While these are the pictures I took today.

3. See again. The grass are all gone.

4. The water colour also changed to Teh Tarik

Just see the water level. Back in 2005, the water level actually higher than this wall that protecting the city. Many people died due to the flood that year. Yesterday afternoon the local government issued a secondary flood warning.

It was then lifted during the night. Thank god.

5. Someone wrote this. It says "Waiting is the best ending... until the time had forgotten my existance".

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