Friday, June 04, 2010

BHP. Dead Girl. Me. Us.

If you haven't heard, this is a brief introduction to the background story for you.

"An accident occured and a Myvi was caught on fire. A good samaritan tried to help by going to a nearby petrol station (BHP) to loan a fire extinguisher. Sad enough, the attendants in the petrol kiosk did not buy his words and did not loan him the fire extinguisher.

A poor girl trapped in that Myvi was burnt alive."  *Read TheStar's article here*

Many people started boycott this BHP petrol kiosk at Taman Pertama, near Jalan Cheras. Many comments had been poured over medias like blogs and Facebook. There are even poll online asking, "Should all vehicle owners be required under the law to purchase a fire extinguisher?". Interesting.

I think there are a few things I would like to voice out my opinion.

The petrol kiosk and the attendants

There were four fire extinguishers in that petrol kioks but none were loaned to that guy. What is even more ridiculous is that, the four extinguishers were kept BEHIND the counters, and not by the kioks itself. I certainly think that all the petrol kioks should re-arrange the fire extinguishers/sand near the kioks (and not hiding it from these scrap-metal-collectors).

On the other note, we cannot blame the attendants for not buying Teo's (the guy who went and get help) story. It's 3.00am. If I am the attendants, I might be worry that Teo is just another drug addict who's trying to get some free scrap metals. Or worse, a robber who is trying to make the attendants to open the door. Right?

Purchase a fire extinguisher and put in your car

Hmmm... sounds like a great idea. But here comes some other questions. These things aren't cheap, are we subsidied by the government? Or do we even get it free? Fire extinguisher is made by compressed chemicals. It will lose some pressure as time goes on. We need another replacement. Who's going to pay for this again?

When it involves money from your very own pocket, people will start to point fingers again. Why this, why that?

What I can suggest is that, government should rule that fire extinguishers MUST be placed near the kiosk and just in case of emergency, people can grab and use it. If you ask, "What if other people steal it?", then I would say "How many people actually steal it? Few. They are the black sheeps of the family. We cannot say that putting the fire extinguishers outside will attract theives (even though it will highly attract them)". It needed to be placed outside.

For those who can actually afford those small portable fire extinguisher, perhaps you can consider placing one in your car. Yes there is maintainance cost but who knows, it might just save somebody's life, MAYBE, your very own life.

People often ask others questions. A lot of questions. But they almost never ask this, "Instead of others changing the world, WHAT CAN I DO TO CHANGE THE WORLD".


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

agree with what you said at last. "What can I do for him/her"

buttercup said...

Thanks Chad!

Esther said...

yeap def! just like mj's song, if you wanna make a change then start with the man in the mirror! :)

buttercup said...


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