Tuesday, June 15, 2010


才发现,自己已经很久没有照过相... 有心情的时候,老天,雨一直下;没心情的时候,阳光,撒尽天下。 摄友也无影无踪,真是扫兴!


1. 早晨的阳光,柔柔的叫我起床。(太阳五点出头就挂在天上啦!)

2. 看出窗外,也看到独自站在一角默默守候的铁公鸡。

3. 走到阳台,望着窗外的色彩。一个美好早上的开始。

4. 坐在电脑前面,突然注意到,连纸巾都要耍浪漫。

5. 也时不时,看到在后面的称,跑去称称,还好没过百。

6. Facebook 是最佳良伴。除了我和我自己,Facebook就是第三者。

7. 花了近三百零吉的日文课本,岁月已逝,也只读了5%。


9. 这个月尾,将会是我在这里打工一周年纪念。还会继续在这里打拼吗?这个答案,只有老天知道。

10. 大家渐渐的疏远了... 但,你们都还好吧?保持联络!




HitoMi Ng said...

Very very nice and touching...I wish I have time to shoot something like this.

It seems like I have lost my passion

nylus said...

i like num3.

num5: whoa.. ur weighing scale so classy wan ah... wakakaka...

buttercup said...

hahaha! guess what? except for the last one (i took weeks ago), the rest were all shot in 5 minutes! lol.

When the inspiration come, things are a bit different. Ganbade in finding the inspiration! Thanks again!! Arigatou gozaimasu!

hahaha! thanks! the weight was left by its previous owner. I'm just taking advantage on it LOL.

Eh bila u mau update blog? lol. it had been pretty dead lol.

weicai86 said...

marvelous n so touching....is this the kenny tat i know?? seems like totally different ppl liao...

buttercup said...

Wei Cai:
wah really touching boh? lol. i use simple words nia leh...

and i am still the kenny u know. LOL... but hopefully a thinner one. LOL.

nylus said...

edi update quite often rite...

btw, y the last pic... like got so much rubbish wan... wats the white patches on the ground?

buttercup said...

LOL... perhaps i visited too often kot. lol.

the last pic ar.. hmmm. one day, i went back home from work. I saw many white things on the floor. then i realised, it's the kids there playing with errr...

i forgot what it called but it's the white thigns that normally come in a box with things like TV and so on.

kids teared them up and did this!

Anonymous said...

wah..y sound till so korlian 1..
haiyo..u comin back soon rite..
dun worry..that time i teman u la...
muahaha..say till like gay...
ok la..wait u here..
i still need a expensive creep to earn in dota..u are wanted..


NicChan / Rei said...

Learning jap now ? good good !

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

All the best ya Kenny Boss ;p

henry said...

nice 1^^

buttercup said...

LOL... so bad remmeber expensive creep nia. lol... me october only back le. and thanks!! haha.

haha. but only 5% I read. cham ar!

Thanks!! ganbatte!

thanks! hahaha.

nylus said...


buttercup said...

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! lol. Man, how can i ever forget this word!?!

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