Monday, November 09, 2009

It Is The Wrong Person, At The Wrong Time, At The Wrong Place

"Aaaaaa!! I broke up with my boyfriend! I feel very sad now!", she said.

"It is not easy to gain a relationship. Try and see if you both can solve the problems. If can't, then you had to learn to let go.", I said.

There goes my Monday. Why is she telling me? T____________T

*FYI, she is hinting me that she's commencing her "attack". OMFG, God bless me.*

I don't want a China girlfriend can? No offense, but I just don't want to.


Gypsy On The Move said...

You got a China admirer???? Wuahhahahahah!! Spill it!

MyKy said...

Wake up pls, u're a piece of crap who doesn't deserve a girlfriend. I'm not gonna be tricked again like last time. D:<

buttercup said...

ah... she had been visiting. but i kept on keeping a distance. Now she broke up with her bf and she's trying to tag. Ain't giving that chance.... ah.. am i bad?

haha. this is not Halloween. No trick or treat.

NicChan / Rei said...

MyKy Has a point

buttercup said...

Haha.. well. Maybe i don't deserve a gf but i deserve a wife.. right?! LOL!

Wai Loon Kwan said...

kenny oh kenny.... finally this happens to you in china...

dont forget that you are in china... there are many this type of girls... girls that are not this type is rarely seen.

you better not take the advice is dont even think about it.remember your company's rules. they are to protect you.

nylus said...

company's rules? what rules?

Beverly | YukiNa said...

Oh wow.. part of me feels happy for you but since you're not happy so I won't be that happy lol.

But you've got a foreign admirer!! Isn't that cool!!?

ck said...

cool.. u got a model to shot photo^,^

buttercup said...

lol! i din say i want her!! swt~~~~

well, not really rules but they tell me not to hook up with china gals. but don't worry. i'm doing just fine. haha!

lol! she still a chinese rite? lol! but er.. well.. i just can't hook up with a china gal.

HAHA! i thought of it before. but if i some more shoot her, she'll be thinking more things so i called off the plan.

Wai Loon Kwan said...

just to remind you.... =..=

buttercup said...

hahaha.. thanks for that kind reminder kwan. arigato.,

MyKy said...

go dai pls. since it's freezing out there, go lick a tiang

buttercup said...

hahahaha... my tongue will stick to it! dowan!

Mins said...


Once u marry liow she expects you to stay in china with her parents ley. Very very manipulative, to the point where even sex can be used as a weapon.

I lived with china girl roommates before and many many times they try to seduce me T_T but I know better.

buttercup said...

hahahahaha... wait. is this minsoon?!?!?!? is this!? OMG you're still alive!!! OMFG!! wei! MSN us la!

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