Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Fucking hate Microsoft for doing these shits! Why the fuck they can't just let people download the software directly for MSN? Why the fuck they can't just let people use the blardy software without update?!!?

Microsoft is seriously being a FUCKING STUPID COMPANY. You disallowed me to go online because I did not install the LATEST VERSION of MSN. Fine.

I go install. In the mid of installing, "You already have the latest version of MSN.", GREAT!

Today, I can no longer go online for real. I uninstalled every single thing, and in the end, when it is at 9x%, it reads "Installation is unsuccessful". I hence trouble shoot, and follow all the instructions and in the end, IT STILL CAN'T FUCKING WORK!

And here's the best part. Guess what, I'm a GENUINE USER FOR MICROSOFT. SCREW YOU MICROSOFT.

Seriously, I am considering MAC now for my next machine. Seriously. FUCK YOU MICROSOFT!


buttercup fansi said...

Chill bro...chill chill~ @.@

buttercup said...

how to chill.... they didn't do their stuffs properly.. sien...

kua hanchun said...

haha this is funny. I'll reflect your dissatisfaction to Bill Gates:)

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