Sunday, November 22, 2009

Winter @ China

We, often complaint too much how are things this, how are things that. But we never really realised, how insignificant things to us, could be so interesting, when you are totally in a different shoe.

In this case, I'm from a summer-all-year-long Malaysia, had came to this Mainland of China that have four seasons. From here, I started to realised that, those sunny years that I had been having for the past 23 years, were really meant so much for me now even though, I only need to be here for 2 years.

Frankly speaking, I HATE winter. But autumn is fine for me. Winter is a pain in the ass, in the fingers, in the toes, in the foot, in the balls, in everywhere! I will never live again in a country with four seasons, unless I'm forced to do so or I have got no other choice.

Well, it is not easy for me to upload pictures here so let's waste no time and let me bring you around to "feel" how winter is like.

1. Drinking HOT drinks really kept you warm, only for moments.

2. Socks are really important

3. Oh! Spot the fake Oreo. It's called Oruduo. The biscuit burnt badly and so dried up. Never going to buy this again.

4. Again, socks are really really important!

5. Even your soap will become ice-cube-feel-alike when you take a bath

6. Spent RMB 110 to keep my leng cai face well moistured and smooth

Those pictures were taken quite a few days back. And today, I went out again to do 2 things. One, is to climb the mountain while do some prayers while PHOTOSHOOTING (I had been bad to my wife lately) and then, to eat something...










16. To eat this! McD for the first time in WuZhou!


18. And this one tastes really good. Just that, the portion is a bit small for me who is in the middle of winter.

Sunbathing was never the same here compared to Malaysia. We hate sun in Malaysia but here in China, people love the sun. I love you now too, Sun.


duo said...

in short, there is no place like home. haha

buttercup said...

true. no place like home.

Han Wei said...

the McD looks tasty.. XD

buttercup said...

it is really tasty. hahahhaah.

gan said...

last pic nais =)

buttercup said...

thanks! err.. which Gan is this ar? can't see your profile....

Joshu@law said...

McD in china really looks different hor...
btw, the blur effect in those pictures very nice...I want a dslr so badly..T.T

buttercup said...

hahahah.. it is called Depth of Field (DOF) or bokeh. haha. DSLR nowadays getting cheaper. you can eye on one if you want to.

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