Sunday, July 26, 2009

Roti Telur In China!

Well, I woke up about 1030 hours today. It's kinda late for me actually. Because I planned to eat breakfast somewhere downtown. But well, I should sleep more I guess.

So after woke up from my sleep, I finally had the chance to do some rearrangement in the house to set things my way. Not all, some. I supposed many of you might be wondering how is the place I'm staying looks like. Here's some sneak peak, hopefully more to come soon.

1. This is the master bedroom aka my room. Kinda big and spacious actually. There's a huge cupboard on the left

2. I had some books to keep me entertain at times

3. The living room. Okay. It's not at its best yet.

4. Now from the living room, you can see the dining table, as well as the kitchen at the back there

5. A very nice kitchen, of which, I had YET to use it.

6. I just realised I forgot to take a pic of the balcony, but, here's what you see if you peek outside

7. And a not-too-well-maintained pond. The sign board reads: DO NOT CLIMB

8. If you look outside the balcony. T____T Like prison or not?

My initial plan was, I woke up early in the day, breakfast, then clean the house, then go outside and see see how is WuZhou and try to find the dry box I want. But, after I wake up late, and doing the cleaning, it was late afternoon by then already.

Just when I was about to go out, the sky starts to roar. It soon cried. Great. So I wasted another 2 hours staying at home.

*2 hours passed by*

Finally the rain had stopped and I got out the house on my scooter. Yeap you heard me right. I had NEVER ride on a bike on my own before. I took a day to learn it here, and I'm free to go. LOL!

I was a bit hungry half way finding for my dry box, so, I dropped by this makan area and ordered a roti telur. ROTI TELUR!!!!! Muahahahahahaha! There's a variety of of rotis available here. Now you might ask, how much is it?

RMB 13. How much is RMB 13 leh? Simple. Divide by 2. You do the maths. It's friggin' RM 6.50 for a ROTI TELUR! Sigh.. what to do. Have to pay the price if you want something rare. Rite?

9. This guy called Ameen, from India, speak very good Cantonese, much better than me, as well as English and a little bit of Malay

10. RM 6.50 Roti Telur

Stay tune for me to discover more what else's here.


Samuel said...

si kenny.. go there eat roti telur... walao eh!.. eat something more exotic la.. like murtabak kambing XD

buttercup said...

wtf! here knn dun have murtabak la! wtf! T_____T

minee said...

wow kenny the place u're staying in looks cool! have fun and take care :)

Wingz said...

wtf? msia food in guangxi?

buttercup said...

hahaha... looks cool but staying alone is no fun. T_T

Wingz: hahaha... only the roti-roti. t___T the rest all damn oily one.

marccus said...

wakaka XD the sofa are nice! XD

minee said...

no housemates ar? who knows later on there will be a cute and hot girl housemate le :p btw how's work? ok?

Stanley said...

HAhaha here you can probably eat 6 pieces with the same amount of money. Lol I actually I might get equally desperate for malaysian food when I study overseas in the future.

buttercup said...

hahaha.. why everyone say the sofa is nice. not nice! hahah!

ah... cute hot housemate is dangerous. lol! work is kinda taxing at times. and i'm not from the accounting background, and i'm using UBS here!

yeah;.. but what choice do i have. Desperate Malaysia Boys. LOL!

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