Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Howdy From China!

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWDY people! *Earth and Heaven shaken*

Muahahahahahha! Limpek is back! Oh Sam (I can't read your blog le. Something wrong with your codes it seems.), I bet you must be missing me alot. Hahaha.

Now, it is the 4th week since I left Selangor, and 2 weeks plus in China already. For those who's still blur, I'm in WuZhou, GuangXi Province, China. Let me do some update back from where I left Selangor.

1. First, we have some siao camwhore session with my MU housemates

2. The Gideons

3. The Fat Brown Hulk

4. My parents sent me to Penang. We dropped by Balik Pulau to eat durians

5. And mangoesteen. I think I spelt this wrongly

6. It's a eat-all-you-can-for-RM20-only. We had 2 groups of people sharing

7. On the way back, dropped by somewhere to shoot some photos

8. This is one of my favourite


10. Me, Mom & Dad


12. And sister too!

13. In Penang, I helped out my cousin brother to shoot their family potrait

14. See more here

15. Then I'm in WuZhou already. On the first Sunday, I went to the temple. Did a little bit of climbing

16. What do you think about this picture?

17. Had some shooting in 四恩寺(Si En Temple)




21. I just love the sky here

22. This is my another fav


24. Then we makan-ed at a hotel serving dimsums. And it's damn cheap

25. Teasers. More here.

Now, many of you must be wondering also, why the hell is his blog and facebook like dead for so damn long? Simple enough, due to a riot happened in XinJiang, China blocked various sites like Wordpress, Blogspot, Twitter, and Facebook is among them. However, Facebook denies that China blocked the access. Hmmm. I wonder. You know, I almost stopped photoshooting when I realised I can't access my blog and Facebook. Luckily, I did not.

Thanks to an AngMoh who stayed in China and provided me the solution from Yahoo!Answers!, I finally manage to come back to where my voice and eyes belonged to. Am sure more updates will come, unless, this thing is blocked as well.

Well, I'm still pretty much in the learning stage in my new company. There are too much of things to learn and I have another 3 days left to learn up everything. Great. But, worry not. Am doing well. When I have more time, I will "bring" you guys go visit around k?

p/s: OMG, chicks in Guangzhou are damn hot okay? Sadly, no pictures. Only in my heart. Muahaahahahahah!


Më| §zë said...

good to hear from you again kenny!!!

all the best!

take care, we miss you here...

buttercup said...

Hey hey! thanks for missing me! LOL!!

nylus said...

yoh.. can load blogger in china ah... finally i got stuff on the internet to waste time on...

buttercup said...

LOL! actually cannot log one... then.. got this "jalan belakang" ma.. hahaha..

err.. waste time? oh my blog is bad.. T_____T hahaha.. jk jk! thanks for dropping by!

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Welcome back buttercup!!
I wish in 2 years time u will be the butterhunk. hoho

buttercup said...

hahahahaha! butterhunk maybe still okay. not butterhulk! lol!

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